Sentry Drone

I think it would be interesting if they added a new sentry drone based off the triglavian tech. Have the drone be less effective to begin with but have it ramp up over time to be higher overall damage. I would also make it require 75 bandwidth so it could ne be fielded by smaller ships and so only 1 could be deployed at a time on larger ships.


Pretty good idea actually, would make for some interesting fits especially in wh space.

I really do like the idea of something like this. And it even made me think of a mining sentry drone where the yield increases over time.

Why only make a Sentry? Why not just make a new line of Drones in general?

I figured we don’t have that many sentry types vs the Light, med, heavy combat drones

Those would be some scary mafk drones on an ishtar

Edit: mafk as in motha fvk not AFK because confusion?

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What many of these apparently interesting ideas often miss is that CCP wants to have a wide variety of ships with different roles, unique abilities and trade-offs, not every cool feature available to as many ships as possible.

If these drones were introduced in the game, the weapon system that makes the Triglavian ships unique would become available to every drone boat.

What seems interesting to you from the perspective of flying a drone boat yourself is not interesting from the perspective of making players want to fly one of those Triglavian ships, so don’t expect to see such drones anytime soon, if ever…

Thanks for the input. I never really expect anything I post in the forums to happen in game to begin with.

Part of why I said it should have a 75 bandwidth though is to limit it so only a few ships could actually use it and secondly they would only get to use 1 at a time. As for the argument that it would make people for get about the Triglavian ships the Sentry would only get the unique weapon bonus, not the Neut, the remote rep or the smart bomb. Also since its a sentry smaller faster ships could pull range and deactivate it form its optimal.

I really like the drone idea more than the sentry. Have em be slower than gal drones but the tankiest so it’s not very hard to get out of their optimal to reset their ramp, but God help you if you let them ramp. Also this would make the abyss worth doing.

Why not a deviant automata suppressor or whatever it’s called, may it be an actual deployable or a weaker sentry version, that shoots incoming missiles and drones, and/or other area of effect type effect, that only affects NPCs? Just a random idea.

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I would say the sentry drone would have a similar range and damage as the Cruiser.

if drones were to be added, they would have to be equal to the frigate or less in damage and range.

When did this happen? Did I miss a memo? =)

I’m pretty sure the Trig ships are the FIRST time I’ve seen any kind of creativity in ship design.

  • Amarr and Gallente share Armor tanking, while Caldari and Minmatar share Shields.
  • Gallente and Caldari share Blasters.
  • Every race as access to missiles and drones.
  • Then there’s all the Pirate factions, which blend together racial bonuses and traits.

Trig ships are the first in 15 years to introduce a new weapon system. And a system which only they can use. So you can’t say CCP has always wanted variety. And given their trend for letting everyone have access to everything in some fashion eventually, it’s possible that we’ll eventually see Trig drones.

They may not be common, and they may not be cheap. but Integrated / Augmented drones deal multiple damage types, and perform differently than standard drones. So Trig drones dealing different damage, and behaving differently, isn’t unheard of either.

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I think it’s always been that way, but it became clear that was the direction they wanted to go when they started ship tiericide in 2012. You could see it in every ship rebalancing that’s happened since then if you paid attention to the corresponding dev blogs and forum threads explaining the proposed changes.

A recent example would be the introduction of Assault Damage Controls, available to assault ships only, but there are many others. Nearly every ship rebalancing other than minor stat adjustments happening since 2012 has moved in that direction.

You seem to have missed the dev blogs and forum threads discussing each and every ship rebalancing that’s happened since 2012, yes. But not only that, you seem to not know how bonuses and special abilities are given to some ships classes and not others either…

Man, did you bother to look into that more closely so you can better understand it? The very features you’re mentioning, each race has a different type of bonuses for to make it unique and have a distinct role in that regard.

Amarr armor tanking bonuses are usually for resists, whereas Gallente bonuses are usually for repairs. Caldari hybrid weapon bonuses are usually for range, whereas Gallente bonuses are usually for damage. And so on.

That’s precisely why Catalysts and not Cormorants are used for suicide ganking when DPS matters, for example, because even though both ships have bonuses for blasters, there is a variety of roles that make the Catalyst the preferred choice for ganking. Or do you think gankers pick the Catalyst because they think it’s prettier?

Not to mention there has always been a race (Amarr) with a weapon system that no other race has bonuses for…

And that’s precisely why players may want to fly them. Players would be much less interested in flying them if their weapon system was also available to other ships. Exactly my point.

What? You’re not even aware of the variety of ship roles that do exist in EvE and how each ship class is designed around them?

Of course they let everyone use everything eventually in some fashion. They let everyone have access to the Triglavian weapon system in some fashion already too. So what? Where did I say otherwise? What does that prove?

What they don’t do is let you use everything in every ship. You have to choose and pick the right ship for the job or special ability you want every time. That’s exactly the variety of roles, unique abilities and trade-offs I’m talking about…

Trig drones isn’t something unheard of? And you base this on anything you said in your post? Really?

Man, your post makes no sense. It’s as if you had randomly chosen concepts you don’t even understand and pretended they could prove anything you want when in fact they prove the exact opposite…

Let me end this argument real quick. Only a handful of ships have bonus to ECM but we have ECM drones.

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Damage resets after every target switch. They’d probably be ineffective at pve.

Yes but pve application isn’t what tickles my taters. :wink:

I didn’t realise you afk pvp’d in your ishtars.

Huh I don’t krab lol I don’t even have an alt. I like to play the game:)

Edit: oh I see where the confusion came from edited post lol

Ahhh, yes i thought that was a typo. First time I’ve seen it.

It would be more for larger and tankier targets that require a decent amount of dps. This helps balance it from being the go to for every situation (looks at the gila).