CCP please

Capital Sentry Damage Augmentor II Blueprint


Isnt it about time that you guys did some indepth fixing to new eden instead of concentrating more on the way it looks? we have new map, new dscan, new ui’s - a lot of new stuff thats more visual than being relevant as most of it wasnt broken but these rigs and other items are… ridiculas, hell there are even small sentry rigs too…

did the trolls party too hard? shoud we call new eden Dimmuborgir now?


Enough said.

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Lol cap rig to increase sentry damage on rorq? Are you serious bud?

well yeh you can use them on fax too but lets be serious here…

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a sensible fit. It only matters that it can be done.

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i know what you trying to tell but show me that fit, plz

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Uh, what fit?
You literally put the rig into the rig slot.
I assume you do know how to use rigs right? If you do then it’s obvious how it works.

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i looked at your killboard
i lol’d
you would actually fit this ■■■■ up

Yes, well done looking at a killboard for a character made and flown for live events back when they used to run. clap clap.
It’s irrelevant if I or anyone would use the fit. The fit can be done and there are capital ships which use drones. Therefore the option should be provided.

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cool story bro

Nevyn, remember capitals got the Battlestar Galactica fighter-drone mechanics last year or so?
None of them does even have a drone bay to put drones in anymore.

Another thing to notice is that there is no small ice harvester accelerator rig for the mining frigates or a small higgs anchor rig.

And it has only been 3 years since a “moduleciede” was proposed but never came.

Dividing the rich and the unfortunate was much more important to (not) bring more players in or something.


Carriers were not the only drone using capital.

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You won’t waste a rig slot for sentry damage rig on both. Sorry but it’s obvious.


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