Edit: How can you call this a troll thread when nexus cuck cores and mobile content depots exist? Did you lock the threads of the carebears that said I think my rorq should be allowed to be invulnerable for many minutes and still fit a cyno?

Original post: Are you tired of krabbing for hours and hours, watching your isk go up tenfold faster than any average player only to have your peace disturbed by a neut in local? Tired of having to close your mouth and breath through your nose for a moment while you find out what you were aligned to and warp there while simultaneously trash talking?

Well have I got the deal for you boys this new module automatically closes all wormhole passages into your system and also fries all gates so people can’t get to you! Pesky cyno? Oh no actually when a ship enters the grid you’re on your pimped capital is no more in danger. Now it will warp on it’s own having detected the vast potential of danger. During this time it will be immune to any ewar or bubbles and your fighters or harvesters will continue krabbing, also being invulnerable until it is convenient for you to return!

PA is that you?

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Please don’t make troll posts. Closing this before it evolves into what we all know it will.