Well CCP Killed Rorqs

Wtf CCP? I mean enough change! You are completely changing the null economy and hurts capitals pilots as a whole

Or… plan a little better and don’t just think “I have a rorq and I should have no risk in using it”

When our rorq pilots are out, they’re covered by others in the system ready to come to their rescue. We don’t rely on ■■■■ mechanics like you do.


Got it. Will try to do that. I just typed that in anger


Hurray getting better at the game!

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Or maybe don’t expect a game designed around emergent gameplay to provide easy no hassle pvp kills when emergent player creates organizations do what is fundamental to all organically created human organizations and develop ways to protect its constituent members.

Maybe then you won’t cry so hard on reddit about how it’s hard to find, catch, hold, and kill human piloted ships in space controlled by the organization to which the humans piloting the ships belong.

You know, back when I started playing eve in 2006 I was a pirate (and was one for 8 years), and my recollection is that the people I played with took pride in what we did precisely because it was hard. And when people massively escalated us with capitals during fair, evenly matched, fights we would call them out on it and not spend all of our time crying on reddit for CCP to nerf cynos.

And get this, when we were escalated and rofl stomped when we were picking on someone in an unfair fight, we GFd in local and that was that.

Crazy, huh?

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