Screwing miners and indy

thanks again ccp i spent alot of time getting my rorquals up and going . getting all my skills up to pvp in my rorqauls when the time came , nerfed the the rorquals now i have to go back to hisec hell i loved the danger in null , lowsec not so much but first the neft second the blackout now this my god just end the dang game already for us . im just going to delete all my accounts and stay gone not worth the bull crap you ppl at ccp keep puting out. u have to know you are ruining the game for thousands of players and you dont care at all good bye for good


Before the lock, can I have your stuff?


lol i dont care anymore i have about 74b of bpos and bpc what the hell guess your going to call me a whinner huh

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Basically yea winner, whiner either way.

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so your okay with seeding the market with ship by ccp other than the players making it hell you dont care im sure

all im saying is i worked my ass off to get were i was and then baam gone wow


Ah so I read your first post, apparently you are upset over resource distribution.

Blackout was a good thing btw. Next they should remove local from trade hubs

Your joining an ever expanding club of ticked off CCP money givers.

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i dont give ccp money i used in game money to play with and did very well at it for a along time ever after they nerfed the rorqauls

after they sold the company we new it was down hill from there anyway

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You still give them money. When you purchase the Plex that someone paid for, you are still giving them money.

So investors who are a gaming company is worse than investors who just look at spreadsheets?

true but it im done with it . i loved this game before couldnt stop playing woke mined built stations and titans capital ships mined in my rorqual waiting just waitng for the next drop on me scared to death i was going to lose another rorqaul now all gone lol just funny they dont want to keep players to me

im saying why screw up something that is not broken

Makes it more challenging to do what you wanna do. You wanna keep spamming titans, go all over new eden to be able to get the resources necessary

Ive been playing this game almost from the start, Just came back to it from a 2 years away, was in high sec for a month, cant stand it out there. Dont like pvp Im an indy guy same as you mine build sell. Move back out to null and cant even fuel my station because there is no more ice in my ICE system hasnt been for over 2 weeks now. Cant build anything because I cant get the minerals i need anymore up here. These guys just have to keep playing with the game. Sad really


i agree ppl in high sec didnt want to take the risk to come to null to fight now they have it the carebears and high sec win all there is to it welp after all the titans are gone who will build for the next war thats my question

As they have every right to make changes. Whether it makes anyone sad or happy. There’s always someone bitching about “muh gameplay”. Adapt or gtfo

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u must be a highsecer u must have never lived in null cause with out the indy ppl were do you think the ships and ammo come from you use oh wait maybe thats it you dont pvp either hmmm

in the past with out indy you didnt have ships or stations guess that all goes away lol oh well