CCP hates miners = confirmed

Dont have much to say, just that after the 100 nerfs to mining (particularly in null sec), there is no point. Rorqs now also have no point.

Great focus on PVP and Wormhole gameplay. I get my rorq out, everything is good, 10min oh wait a new wormhole, 65+ Inner Hell, rorq dead. 65+ ppl have great content and woohoo we killed the 6bil rorq a guy worked 1 year to get.

What’s the point to mine now? It is too risky for the mid / big stuff and the small stuff cant make you enough money to plex.


Stop lying.


You forget with the nerfs this bad there wont be any rorquals out mining in anomalies only on moons… thus denying the wormholes content.


Ok, how many then?

Go list the ones you know about.


Wormholers love moon content. I know, I own a couple.

PVP player, confirmed. gg.

Was about time that they hated on miners after they gave them the Rorqual that destroyed anything that was good in EVE irreparably. I still say that it is the wrong way to hate the miners, but it’s something.

Funny that you mention it: The Rorquals have actually made it so that you cannot make ISK with something else anymore. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


we’re still waiting on a list of nerfs to mining. OP states there’s a 100 so I’m sure he can name like 10 of them.


Only one I can think of offhand are the stupid NPC mining fleets. Quite annoying…

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Interesting point… whats good to make isk with 1 toon?

Wow, lets be civil here. Let’s calm down on the words usage. If you don’t agree with my point, then don’t participate in the discussion. You can go troll somewhere else.


A job and PLEX…

Where’s Balos to address this question?


ofc 100 was a little of an exageration.

But the recent -30% in anoms, the removal of veldspar in belts, the fact that you can now only put in 3 rorq drones in wetu not 5 anymore, the cycle time, the panic time reduction, the wormhole mechanic (in null) that is more often so more harassment and harder to mine, this nerf now which is practically 3-4 different nerfs in 1. So that is ± 10 I can name.


Its 6.

And has the cycle time changed?


Name 6 pvp nerfs

Why? PvP isnt the subject here


Oh I see you are in Providence. This is more about your anger over our alliance. I forgive you.


It is not “practically 3-4 nerfs” at all!

“I can name 100 nerfs to mining… ok, not 100 but 10… ok, 6… but as 4 of those were only 1 then yeah, ok, I can only name 3…”

Seriously? You’re not stopping and you’re just going to keep going with this? Wow…