CCP hates miners = confirmed

The majority of the comments here are how i am moaning, and mining isnt nerfed, and all those lovely things. My point is ccp hates miners. If they don’t then show me the nerfs to pvp…


February updates addition:

150% increase to Sodium Chloride asteroids in Null Sec.


Has cycle time been changed?

Genuinely asking.

If the subject is CCP nerfing mining, theres no reason to bring PvP in unless you want to avoid the topic or are saying that PvP is also a nerf to mining.

By increasing the capabilities for PVP players to destroy miners, and making it harder for them (miners) to defend themselves - is that a nerf to mining or is that a buff to PVP players… not sure.


What capabilities are you talking about?

And are you just ignoring the cycle time question, or shall we agree you threw that in there to embiggen your case?

I am a new rorq pilot so this is what I heard - that it used to be 3min and is now 5min. Im searching to confirm that.

Capabilities: besides the WH folk, the unlimited cloak and then cyno in 100 people capability. Then Panic was nerfed so you cant hold that long.

And I remember another nerf to the drones so you also mine less before that nerf.

I suggest you search to confirm all your “facts” about “nerfs” and how long any you do find have existed for before blaming PvP on your margin loss for not paying attention and adapting to changes in the environment.

Thanks for your constructive feedback. I am a little emotional about the changes so venting is a little bit part of this - mainly cause now I dont know what to do as a miner? I dont know if I should now adapt to another playstyle?

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Well theres plenty of others, but Id ask you, what about Roq mining is fun for you?

the incoming 65% reduction in EHP for exhumers should also be a fun nerf

“CCP made my feefees hurty”

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That would be hilarious. Even as a miner, I hope that’s true. It would help get rid of the bot fleets in high sec ice anoms.


Well I have only had the chance to take out my rorq 3x (cause of wormholers in my TZ) - but mining in general is zen. its peaceful, its enjoying the space and surroundings, its being able to chat (text) with friends whilst playing. But mining is not that zen anymore.

The reason for the rorq was to boost and help other newbros - and get them on their feet. As a rorq your boosts are great for others, and compression on field.

I remember as a newbro, how awesome it was that a rorq pilot help me get on my feet - from venture to covetor - cause boosts means more ore and compression means longer on field.

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So just downsize. Get an Orca and some pals and strip.


Thats all I have been doing, but even orcas are in danger - a small gang of 5 can get to you very quickly when entering a space (also via wh so intel is meaningless) - sometimes longer than what it would take an orca to get to safety - even if aligned.

Mining is just not what it was 1 year ago - then it was zen and great. Now its end-game pvp content.

“lets all go for the miners cause they cant defend themselves”


So would reverting the war dec changes.

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Who said do it in a WH?

And its not hard to Roq mine in a secured C3.

Also, it must be hard to find skiff equipped WH newbros. Youd be better training them elsewhere.


Everything in EVE is PvP content…

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I think you misunderstand the wormhole comment. We are in null, Wormholes pop up like every 30min (which was a buff for them). So the WH pvpers roll holes until they can get to us. so sneak in behind you. All is blue space, until they come, and they come 65+ at a time.

Ah ok.

Then you should move to a C3 WH.

Or alternatively if your blues are too small to umbrella, consider clising WHs that open and eyeing gates.

Though you seem resistant to move out of Null.

I promise you, the mining is just as zen everywhere else.

Unless theres another reason you prefer Null?

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