Thanks for the information

@CCP_Rattati ,

Thanks for the information from the stream. Since watching the stream i have decided that Eve is no longer with waiting around to because better. It is time to move to other game and take my money with me.

You have removed all of the reward for miners and manufactures but you don’t remove any of the risk.

The Bloodraider Fob where added to High Sec to increase the risk because of the added reward of moon mining. You guys removed the reward of moon mining but did not remove the risk. I thought Eve was supposed to be Risk Vs Reward not all Risk Vs little to no reward?

Heck you guys could have put all the High Sec Ore belts back to pre 2017 numbers and everyone would have been ok with it. You really need to remove the NPC mining fleets too.

The one good thing I saw with moon mining was a lot of large active mining fleets and great group play from mining corps in High Sec but guess what? They have all quit playing Eve because no reward and all risk.

I am done with Eve and hundreds of other have left because of your changes to the game. The changes are not health for the game or the players.

Simple fixes.

  1. Put all the Ore back to pre 2017 numbers.
  2. Remove all NPC miners.
  3. Remove all Bloodraider FoBs from High Sec until the moon are profitable again.
  4. If you nerf the reward, nerf the risk!

Can I have your stuff? Because we both know your demands will never happen.

I am loving EVE at the moment. And every bit helps :).


Can I please have at least some of your stuff? I know you probably have other ppl in mind and you don’t know me but…

Right? WTH are NPC’s even doing mining??? When I understood they were NPC’s I literally went W the actual F?

Makes sense!

I hope you find another game to occupy your down time.

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Hey, you’re richer than I am. Can I have some if he goes for you? :smiley:

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Can I have some of your stuff too?

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Judging by the skyrocketing prices of minerals and anything made with them It seems that the rewards are definitely there for those that are active and using at least a couple of their brain cells. More profit for everyone else then.

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I remember when OP joined Karmafleet and ragequit because VNI ratting was too hard.

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OK, let me answer them in turn, from my point of view

  1. No. The ores will change again but I seriously doubt that it will be back to 2017
  2. No, CCP wants to make space alive, not a place where we are the only ones out there in spaceships. For that we need to see other ships doing other ship stuff.
  3. If nobody does something ccp eventually removes it.
  4. and vice versa, on that one I agree with you.


Oh and if you do leave? Operation Magic School Bus will accept your donation.


Then they could make it interesting to do the other stuff, not ignore it and have NPCs do similar stuff to what players already do.

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Well if you leave then the competition will be less, so in that regard, it works for me.


At this point in time, I would be happy to get WH like ISK/h (300+ solo) in Povchen, for far higher risk than wormholes or any other space.

Id be happy to get 5isk/hr if the activity was fun

Sorry, I know thats not why we play EvE, but it is just something that amuses me while people are quitting for their 5b ticks

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What kind of ships does the magic school need or use? I normally make donations every year to newbro group.

I will be leaving but I will still keep an eye on Eve. I want to see of they pull it out of this nose dive or if they crash and burn.

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Players literally asked for it because it would be more ‘immersive’.

The risk was already too low.

Removing the rewards was part of the correction.

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Yes, I guess those NPC corporations could have their own mining fleets but what do they do with the ore? Manufacture starter corvettes and Civilian modules I guess?
That’s fine by me but then the pirates must attack them too. Why do they ignore them? Do you think that’s immersive?
We should be able to defend NPC miners for Standing then. Instead, they look invisible to the pirate factions and take away ore that players could mine. It’s stupid stuff.

So according to you we shouldn’t be able to do anything unless our ship blows up every time we undock? Would you like that? Is that what you see EVE as being? Undock=automatic blow up.
Good luck keeping players interested with that.

A very silly strawman for you.

Risk was too low/rewards too high. So CCP are taking rewards away. Lots of rewards at first to have a new base line to work from, and then bringing them back bit by bit until we have a sustainable economy.

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Well, there’s no arguing there, I guess. I’m not going to argue based on what CCP does with their game, we’d be here 'til Christmas.
I understand that CCP is trying to redress a bad situation, only, everything was CCP’s doing and now players feel that they’re being punished for a situation they didn’t create. But well, I don’t really care. As long as I can have my fun, and I do, I’m okay with it.

I think some people forget what a massive nerf wardecs got in 2018.