Really Tired of CCP

I am really tired of how CCP treats miner, indy, market players, PvE or any non PvP/PKers!

All I have seen is CCP nerfing miners, indy, market players, PvE or any non PvP/PKers the 4 years I have been playing.

I thought this game was supposed to be Risk Vs Reward? Where the heck are rewards for all the risk?

Who ever has driven the changes in the last year should be removed from that team. I have seen ALL of my friends, corp mates and non PvP/Pkers friends leave the game. I get CCP is keeping about the same player numbers because of the chinese, south koreans and japanese players coming into the game but soon they will run out of new languages to translate into.

When the heck are miners, indy, market or PvE players going to be important? There is no PvP/Pkers without miners, indy, market or PvE players.

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lmao, cry some more


They’re already integrated into EVE’s economic system by virtue of the “invisible hand” firmly working the thick, long, rigid, twitching shaft of free-market capitalism. I’m surprised that as an intelligent, hard-working, enlightened industrialist, you haven’t yet grasped this principle.

All of the prices for goods you see on the market have their risk premiums already factored in. Would you like for CCP to artificially decrease the risk for players like you? Or maybe increase the rewards instead? Or both? Well, then those prices will come down considerably.

How much do you want to get paid for your Tritanium, peaceful miner? You have to learn that you’re making money not from the “things” that you sell, but for the work-hours you input into specific tasks. If your rewards are increased, or your risks are decreased, you’ll have to work much longer and harder to make the same living. You’re not going to just magically get “richer” if all the mean griefers go away.

Also, I took a look in the profile because I didn’t recognize this guy, and noticed this:


Over a 6:1 ratio between top-liked and second place, lol.

PS: @ISD_Bahamut don’t be such a party-pooper, this could be a fun thread. No need to lock threads that are even remotely negative right away. :confused:


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