Post Mortem - 3 Month Player

Hey guys, just laying down a post mortem here on why I’m giving up the game…

I started playing in January and was immediately taken in by the complex mechanics and player driven economy. I started mining and PI as my first adventures. I soon realized that mining could be greatly enhanced by having a barge/orca so I began training an alt to pilot my Orca. Moon mining was going great, so great that I decided I would use my own freighter to haul my minerals to Jita to sell. So I used my profits from the minerals to get my alt into a Freighter. I was very happy with my setup. Now I had a variety of activities that I could participate in (Industry/Mining/Hauling).

Then the changes were announced that moon mining was going to see some changes… finally those changes came and the profits vanished. The orca sits docked and the freighter too. I’ve tried exploration, combat missions, PvP, and other activities but none make the isk and give the level of enjoyment that I had when I was mining at the moons.

I really feel like stepping away from the game at this point as I’m no longer enjoying the game due to the changes.

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Hi Adam

Sorry to hear that your leaving.

before you go can i have your stuff?



AKA: “I couldn’t be bothered to find alternatives within the vast range of activities offered by Eve, so I’ve come here to express my butthurt before slinking off to an easier game”

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I don’t blame you for taking a break. With that said I do have a couple comments on what you’ve shared.

  1. Moon mining as you know it was new to the game, and should have never been added in the first place.

  2. Mining in highsec as you were is not a well paying career path. Never has been, never will be. Just about any other option will pay you more.

  3. The mining system is currently shaken up, this is true, however until very recently, belt mining was how it was done, and i’d assume can still be done. You should still be able to mine, haul, build and etc.

  4. I’ve been a gamer for 25 years and this is the worst most toxic community I’ve ever been a part of, on or off the internet. Including time spent in jail. I apologize for the people commenting now and certainly later who will do nothing but attack you for sharing your experiences.

  5. You can always come try it again.


Good riddance.


ha :smile: your surname means wanker in Portuguese

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I’ve had a completely different experience ingame.


OP, you could join a “nullbear” corp where you could mine away in safety in 0.0 space rather than leave the game…
Whatever you decide, I wish you the best and may you find gaming enjoyment. o7

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Wow must have cost a bunch of isk to be able to use an orca and alt a freighter all in 12 week, mission running/exploration and PI. When did you sleep? Your a new player yes, because if you are you should stick with Eve you could go far in this game.

Doing all of the above in 12 week damn give it another 6month doing what your doing you could rise so high that you would be able to challenge the God Mittens himself and change the balance of power for the whole game. Looks like Eve is going to lose a valuable asset. Or maybe someone is serving waffles? xD o7 pilot.

If that’s really your major outstanding issue, the good news is that what you were doing before is actually pretty low on the spectrum of earning (and the spectrum of entertainment, tbh) in Eve. Hell, just joining a null corp and doing the exact same thing you had already been doing, but in nullsec, would dramatically eclipse your pre-nerf income.

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Good bye, don’t forget to extract your characters and contract me your injectors and remaining PLEX before you leave.

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The changes was annonced 1 month after you begin the game.
So you decide to take a path that may have huge rework incoming…
Your choice.

But do not be affraid of mining, ore and minerals prices will climb shoortly

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Man, get out of here. Sure there are some bad actors, and lot’s of people will pounce on anything that resembles whining, but you seem to be ignoring the all the evidence of players being friendly and pro-social (especially to newbros).


He has a blind spot for people he can’t fuel his victim mentality with.


To be fair, i have seen way worse communities in other games of various genres, but mainly: mobas, shooters.



maybe its a waste of time to write you
you play since 3 months so you have no idea about the balance problems we had … you are a perfect example of this problems
you maybe should have ead whats on the change and why they change AND where the change will be … in high sec you can just warp to a asteorid beld and min the HS ore … compress it and sell it in big piles … that will be ist soon since many alliances will neet that high sec minerals to build capitals but you dont have to … you can just think “oh there was a change and now i dont make easy money so i leave and sh*t in the forum” thats ok we are used to that … especially since you are the player with the most experience in EVE history … its EVE … adapt or die

go back to WoW and hope there will be no changes ever again … in EVE we always will have changes … so give all your stuff to someone else and see you … well no … have a good time o/


if you fand sarcasm … you can keep it

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Many species in nature can be described as generalists or specialists. Generalist have broad diets and/or live in a wide variety of environments. Specialists, on the other hand, have very specific diets and/or live in only in a specific environment. Now, specialist tend to be really good at what they do, which helps them to compete against other species. Unfortunately, however, their specialization means that changes to their food supply or environment puts them at a high risk of extinction. And naturally, the inverse is true for generalists.

Now, there is no right or wrong way to play Eve (assuming you don’t break the Eula). You can PvE, PvP, play solo, play in groups, engage in semi-passive activities, or activities that require a lot of focus and high CPM’s, you can roleplay, ignore the lore, try to screw over everyone you come across, fly according to a bushido code, and so on -hell, we even have speedrunners. But, all of that being said, if you are specialist in Eve, you are probably going to have a bad time at some point or another. Eve is under constant development; which means activities, ships, and mechanics are constantly getting buffed and nerfed in an attempt to balance the game and shake up the meta (to keep older players interested). So, on a long enough timeline, every activity, ship, and mechanic can expect to see a nerf.

Unfortunately for you, you came in right at the end of a feast for miners. The Rorqual Buff, refineries, and moon mining gave miners plenty to be happy about for a while. Unfortunately, CCP was a little too generous, which lead to a crap ton of ore being mined, capital proliferation, and too many ships becoming too disposable. So, now it’s famine time for the miners.

Personally, I recommend you keep looking for other activities that might tickle your fancy. Like, I have played for long enough that I have seen several of my activities nerfed (and buffed). But, I’m a generalist. So if one thing gets nerfed, I just focus more on other activities (and also try to see how I can profit from the changes). However, if you are dead set on being a mining specialist, you should try to hunker down and wait out the famine. Now, to be clear, I don’t expect a return to feast conditions, but CCP has said that they will make moon mining worthwhile again. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how long that will be, but given how bad things are right now, I can’t imagine that they will let this go on for very long.

So, maybe park your mining stuff in an NPC station for a while, and keep trying new stuff. I’ll link a chart for you.

By the way, it seems like you made some decent progress. 4 months old and you already have a freighter and an orca? Not bad.

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You should have made #4 into #1 instead. Spot on. As for the OP, he didn’t mention corporations, which I have found to be wonderful. Supportive, more profitable and survivable in low/null/J space. Run a WH combat site with a fleet and watch the isk roll in. There’s plenty to do, and it’s not all about making isk.

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Understand your feelings on this. Just want to say that in EVE, you want to be able to adapt to changing situations.

Part of the problem is one of expectations: you found a niche that seemed interesting and profitable to you, you invested a fair bit of effort into taking advantage of that niche, and then the niche appears to have been pulled out from under you before you could really get ‘payback’ from it. Unfortunately, given the way EVE gets updated (not that frequently, but often with sweeping changes when it does), relying on a niche being stable isn’t something you can depend on. It may stay that way for years, or as you just found out, it may change in a few months.

Take a break try some other things, adjust your expectations. Just be aware that industry/mining/hauling is still viable in EVE, those skills are still useful, those characters still have areas they can be productive in. They just aren’t the same ones you originally expected them to be.

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