I am done

I have played for 13 years off and on, and have had a great time, but I am done. I know, we see these posts every week, but I think that mine is a little different. I have loved hanging out in Mining Chat for the majority of my EVE life and that is why I am done. I can’t even discuss why that is the case, or even say why I can’t say.

This isn’t EVE. This is a joke at this point, and after 13 years I am done with it. I am not even allowed to say why. I am sad because I have loved this game for what it was.


Yes, you can have my stuff!


Just go alpha like I did. Don’t throw it all away. Bid your time. You just never know! :wink:

Edit; that’s a T=shirt I would spend money on!


Thank you friend.


I will send it any moment.

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hey i was first :sob:

I said please.


thats true …

Contract is up. Have fun.

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if you really gave you stuff you are legit :+1:

Aiko’s power of persuasion is amazing.

temporary mute got you down? Drink some chocolate milk.

I wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavours, and may you find a new MMO or other game type that holds your attention and captures your heart as EVE Online once did.


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Bye, gamer.

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I def don’t miss the outright racism and bigotry that mining chat tended to have. But it was a good place for debate sometimes.

Sadly most of that came from my fellow countrymen as well, albeit not that surprising :smiley:

So where’s that “Contract All Your Stuff” button? I’ve always found it takes me multiple rounds of contracts and and accepts to pass even a portion of “all my stuff” between my toons.

Now ISK. That’s easy. No contract needed.

It is right next to the unsubscribe button.

Sad to see you go, hope you find something else to make you happy. o7

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I would ask for a refund on my mining permit if I was done!

Don’t give your stuff to the most known troll ever lol xD