To: All lthe players who are quitting

This is for all you pilots who want to quit the game forever because of “reasons”, and also want to biomass/sell off/give away/trash their in-game items.

Go ahead, no one here will stop you.


One day. Maybe months, maybe years from now. You will see an article. You will get a private message from a friend in another game. You will hear and see about something regarding EVE online. Maybe its a huge, giant battle. Maybe its a guy who was scammed. Maybe its just a changeblog. Whatever it may be, you will see it. You will read it.

When you do.

Something will turn in your stomach. Something will bubble in your very being. And the game you are playing at that very moment, will feel empty. All that time youve spent saying how carebear-ish the other games other than EVE online, will come back to you, like a flood. You will feel sad. You will feel nostalgic. You will feel like you want to go back to EVE online.

And then.

You will log in. You will realize what you have done. You will cry. You will shudder. You will have regretted this moment in time, for the rest of time and beyond. You will wish you hadn’t given away all your items and belongings and biomassed your character.

And you’ll end up like this guy:

So don’t remove your connection to this game. Just in case.

From, Solonius Rex.

PS. I am and always will be offering to hold your assets until you return, for a small fee.


One day. Maybe months, maybe years from now. You will look back over your old posts and ask yourself how you could have been such a pretentious little dick.


I’ve gone through this multiple times over the past four years. Just started anew last month because I hate myself I guess.

I’ll say, though, that time away always gives me a little more clarity about what I want from the game, and this new journey feels pretty refreshing. Let’s see how long I can keep the lasers firing this time.

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I like this game. Maybe you dont. Maybe you hate this game. But ive taken breaks too, and i dont sell off my assets and biomass everytime i do. Id really really regret it if i do.

Asking people not to biomass/give away assets, is not being a dick. Also, do you know what the word “Pretentious” means? Or did you just choose it because it sounded long and important?


Nice post. I’ve always felt that those people who have to make a forum post announcing their departure and/or biomassing their characters are doing the “adult” version of 6 year old shouting “I’ll show you, I’m running away!” and are later found at a nearby street corner because they aren’t allowed to cross the street.


here, have my like. Taht’s the spirit : be kind, get the stuff - so everybody thanks you for robbing them. A true politician.

And no, id never rob anyone. I am one of the most honest, upstanding person, ever.

The only person more generous than me is James 315.

If you doubt me, send me your isk and items. I will be sure to send them back when you ask for them 1 year later.

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Been there, done that. Not in EVE, but still it sucks when you decide to return. Not gonna make that mistake again. Especially here, where I’ve invested years and amassed a fortune.

So +1 for the OP’s advice. Oh, I’ve done that too - held assets and money for other players. Used them as an investment to make more money and when they came back they were happy. :slight_smile:

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Yes. Good idea. That is also what i will do. So send me your isk/assets!

Sound Advice. There’s been times i’ve taken several breaks over the years. I never biomassed or sold all my stuff… everything was still in the npc station when i came back.

This is so wrong, the safe bet is to give me your stuff when you leave.

If you come back you will enjoy the new player challenge :wink:


I am currently taking a break from Eve, it was planned four months ago. I will not biomass and I will keep my stuff and I will be back There are certain things wrong with the game, but there is a lot right with this game and many people seem to miss that fact.



Thank you, this is what i wanted to hear the most.

Hope to see you again. Hope you will die by my hands.



Better yet, you’ll look back and ask yourself, “why did I rant so much?”.

You should create a “Break Bank”.

Leaving EVE?
Have a ton of ISK and assets that will just sit there while you’re on a break?
Meanwhile, PLEX isn’t getting any cheaper…
Your ISK may be worth a lot less by the time you return!
Send your ISK to me and I’ll put it to work in your absence!
Guaranteed 5% ROI or your money back!


Same, not enough time for gaming, shiptoasting I can do from anywhere.

You have mail by the way, I lolled at yours.

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I’ll take all your isk and assets, and if you return I’ll maybe aid you back on your feet… Maybe…

This is eve…

Stop projecting.

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If anyone needs I’ll hold onto their Isk and assets, I GUARANTEE they’ll be safe when you return…definitely…totally…

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Dead game.

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