For Folks who are 'Leaving'

I get it, you are pissed off. Someone (either the company or some player who obviously cheats) has done something and it was the last straw. The last, I say. So you are quitting the game, deleting the files and burning every bridge you can.

What I do not get is . . . why.

If you are hoping to change the game, make the devs listen then let me assure you a tantrum is not the way to go about it. If you are trying to warn the rest of us of the evils of this game . . . we know, some of us ARE the evils of this game.

So why do you post these ‘leaving’ posts? Are you hoping that we will beg for you to stay? You know damn well that it is far more likely that we will ask if we can have your stuff. You will fall into a few categories and the regulars will haul out their forum skills and fight in the same old way. We will look at your killboard to see where the doll touched you. Or we will make guesses as to what game you cane from or will return to. What you are unlikely to get is a sympathetic ear. After all, you have already declared your exit so why would we fight to convince you that you are wrong?

Some folks donate to the Bus when they are leaving. I almost always tell them that I would rather have the player still there than their stuff in my hangers and it is true. I do not want you to go away but I understand that if you feel that you have to then who am I to say otherwise.

So if you are going to go? Go. But you might be missing out on what Eve is. Maybe that is why you are leaving. You never did ‘get it’ in the first place.

either way? I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you find a game that fits you and makes you happy.

via con dios.



You don’t get the why even though people keep telling you and CCP all the time? :thinking:

Why do you even bother about the few people who are leaving? There are millions of characters joining each year. Focus on those instead. :slight_smile:


Oh I read a fair number of the posts. I just do not get why the drama llamas feel the need to scream before leaving in a huff (or a minute and a huff if there is lag) And I do focus on those arriving which is why I have to read the leaving posts, to know what misconceptions they may have had coming in.


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Because a lot of the time, they are just looking to vent; and don’t actually leave.

It’s a way to blow off steam and then on checking killboards, a high percentage (just by impression - no actual analysis done), they are active again a little bit later.


Why not, though? It’s just a game and you can cause some bad impressions before you leave it behind or fake to leave it behind. EVE is always about ruining someone’s day via any means necessary. Players have mastered that, CCP has mastered it, there is no reason why leaving players shouldn’t participate in this orchestra of misery.


The " why " is written all over their rants as they leave, whether it’s true or not, that’s their perception of the game or the game mechanics.
Like this last example, this is why:

That’s one.

That’s two.

That’s three.

Again, whether it’s true or not, whether they know how to counter it or not, that’s their perception of the game.

That’s ‘why’.
Not saying I agree, just saying it’s the general ‘why’ as I read it


LOL! That’s a good one. I’m stealing it.

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So really we should be able to say anything we want, even if its just a pack of made up BS because our feelies got hurt?

IMHO all “boohoohoo Im leaving” posts should be deleted. They do break at least two forum rules after all.


I don’t know, I don’t think so.
All I’m saying is that’s their " why ". That’s their perception of the game.

Yes, I agree. But only after we’ve had our fun posting our " can I have your stuff " and whatnots.

All Im saying its its just made up lies and alts of trolls.

Its getting harder as the names get faker


They can’t all be alts, can they? And if so then Mike’s thread is for naught.

Doesn’t seem like that to me. Those threads get a lot of replies and some good conversations are started thanks to them. Granted, it’s the same old arguments but it’s entertaining.
I haven’t got to say " can I have your stuff " yet.

Hes an optimist. Hes trying to appeal to people’s better nature. I applaud his effort but I have less faith in the human condition.

And each time they are backed up by the same lack of evidence from names like “Juan Kos” and “Billy McCandless”

Have a look. Are you sure its the OP who replies?

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Not the OP, I’m talking about everybody else who replies. The OP is usually long gone by the time ISD-whomever closes the thread for " ranting ".

Mike admits it! He is the GRIEFER SPACE BULLY.


It is not the ones who hurr blurf about leaving that CCP needs to worry about. They are normally people who are deep into the sunk cost fallacy that will keep them in the game. Maybe not immediately, maybe it will take a month or two but they will come back.

No, the ones CCP need to be worried about are those new accounts (minus the blatantly obvious alt accounts that are fairly easy to discern) that are active for maybe 24 hours, maybe 48 before never being logged into again.

These are real players, new players that are not padding their 40 afk gila ratting armies or 60 man mining fleets. They are the future FCs, industial leaders, fleet fillers and just about everything in the game.

Let the venting happen, sometimes there really is a nugget of truth in what they say. But for the love of the game, focus on the new people first. Without them all EVE will be is 9 real humans and 21,000 alt accounts.


and yet you did not want to vote for me

What Kelly said further up is kind of key to what I am saying, here.

When I play poker with other people I expect them to bluff, to lie to me. If I find they have? It is part of the game and I do not get angry, just rueful and a bit poorer.

When I play chess I do not expect the person on the other side of the board to leave my pawns alone because they have not done anything. Again, the behavior is set within the rules. I can threaten a piece but not suggest that I might tear the opponents arms off if I lose.

I want to know what part of the game they did not understand or caught them by surprise. Was it the PvP? Was it the fact that the game is always changing and your plans for a lucrative future could come crashing down with a single update. Were they hoping for more catgirls and tiaras for their outfits?

But to go back to the first post. I get that something went wrong and they feel that they can no longer play the game. Understandable. I just do not understand the tantrum on the way out.

Oh and I readily admit that Ramona is right

I AM an optimist and a bit of an anarchist to boot. A very scary combination, at the best of times.

Never change, Aiko. I enjoy the comedy you bring to the table.



You may want to google sociopath, and then double check what you just said.

Cause the truth is you prove the commentary right.

Maybe Its really an eve problem, I am always amazed how people only know their little part of eve .
Eve is really a blank canvas and players take there place in it , many know little of safety and groups like this and know little of the people who fight these people ,often thinking it’s very one sided.
You never hear people post about I’m leaving because I run into a high/low gate camp because they have learnt the danger’s . Whereas high sec ganking is often a suprise , which shows on the forums with constantly repeated topics, why was I ganked.

I know Aiko does her best in her own special way , with a channel even name the above , but I often find ganking isn’t talked about even on shows like TIS, like it’s a taboo subject, eve allows it so talk about it factually, from streamers, chat shows and ccp , make it a part of Eve’s story, just as trigs are and sansha is. In the same vain make it know what anti-gank stand for.

Edit: sorry the above wasn’t ment for Aiko but for all


@Mike_Azariah The reason people whine and cry, be it on a game forum or Twitter or shouting in the streets and destroying someone else’s property, is because they lead shitty lives and have never been taught to behave like adults. To deal with their problems without blaming everyone else and to give, instead of take.

EVE isn’t the issue, society is. This is why you don’t get it because while you have your own set of problems you act in a mature manner while you keep giving.

Toddlers cry because they’re not getting their way, not because they hurt their knee. There is nothing to cure other than telling them to stop misbehaving. It has nothing to do with EVE, there is nothing to cure.


I think people want to like eve, but find it intimidating due to its age, ruthless aggression by players, toxicity of forums (if they venture here).

You got two sides to the coins for vets and newbros. You’ve got those been around for a while, and either a; keep supporting a game they love, or b; seemingly ■■■■■ about something with every patch released