After a total of 10 days playtime i am quitting EVE.

I love the game, and community is really helpful on the new player channel, but there are gankers everywhere who are killing me just because they can…

I just don’t understand that part. I mean i buy a Vexor, spend 15-20 millions fitting it, just to be killed by someone. I don’t even have to carry loot.

I still have to meet a player in low sec who isn’t interested in killing me.

I was about to get omega, but its pointless. I will have to stay in high sec and grind, grind, grind and wait a year for my skills to train to be able to get a ship that might be able to resist gankers.

I don’t think so…

Have fun and good luck!

If you don’t like other people trying to ruin your day then Star Trek Online would probably be a lot more fun. Don’t bother making threads about how you’re quitting


you screwed up and got caught , it’s part of the learning process , and nothing to be ashamed of . you’ve only scratched the surface of this game and there’s so much more … find a decent corp and learn the mechanics and how to be a better mouse and not get caught … and DO NOT leave until you’ve blown someone up ; you’ll feel so much better . :slight_smile:

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even if you stayed in high sec there’s a chance that someone could gank you. no place in this game is safe outside of stations.

that’s just frustration from loosing an expensive hull. you have to learn to not get attached to anything in this game. no matter what you fly, its gonna explode eventually.

take your time, get your ■■■■ together. maybe you rushed it too much going to low sec. try to go there with something smaller, cheaper. leave the big ship in high security for now.

then when you know how to evade the camped systems and the roaming ganks you can think of moving your stuff to the danger zone.

it was just a cruiser. that can be replaced eventually and faster than what you can imagine. no need to shed tears for that…

tbh eve is dying but if you stay, you will find some fun and satisfaction here. you just need to find the right group and niche… I sent you a message in game. cheers.

This isn’t true at all. A cloak of any kind will dramatically improve your ability to avoid gankers in hostile space, as will other choices like interceptors. These are short few weeks to get into.

But the point of Eve is to kill each other, and band together for protection from those that would want to kill us. Other people don’t know what you are carrying, if you want to fight for fun, or perhaps just want to drive you way from “their"space”. They aren’t out necessarily to kill you for no reason.

If you are upset over losses, you either haven’t fully internalized the idea that ships are disposable tools to be used up, or perhaps, are flying more than you can afford to loose. Re-read the Golden Rules and maybe fly cheaper (and more agile) until you are more practiced at avoid baddies.

Or if you want to play Eve on easy mode, just find a corporation or other group that will support you and protect you.

you sir are a troll… he is right… and i can attest years and years of eve is the same grind unless you are in one of those asshat corps which he is pointing out, like goons, lazerhawks, darwin, or code… to name a few sandboxers… they make the game virtually unplayable or fun to play if you are up against them and are a smaller entity. and imho its the biggest reason why eve is declining to even pay their employees… hense the repeated layoffs and unsubs they get every year. they fight to keep things going so now they make eve more “free” to play lol but thats just a huge ■■■■■■■ turd in the punch bowl.


Actually, the part you quoted was referring to her assertion that she needed a year to get into a ship that could resist gankers. Maybe the should have been made clearer in my post, but she can definitely be very slippery in far less time than a year if she goes Omega.

As for the rest, Eve is cut-throat. If you are in a small group or solo, you will be inherently weaker than the bigger groups and will often be playing the role of mouse to their cat. But there are plenty of ways to evade them, and the mechanics give a pretty safe space for solo and newer player to play the game. I get that this type of game might not be for everyone, and if it isn’t I wish the OP the best in finding a game that suits them better, but if the OP is quitting because she is losing ships in lowsec as a solo alpha who has never played before, she perhaps has just bitten off a little too much at first. That is Eve on hard mode.

Eve is hard and harsh, or at least it can be, and the learning curve is real.


Well I mean of course. You went to Low Security Space and are surprised you were attacked every time :facepalm:

If you could fly a supercarrier, you would still die every time you went to lowsec. This is because you have no idea how to play the game. People always blame skillpoints for their death when game knowledge is actually the key.

Why should you instantly be able to ignore all danger within 10 days of starting the game? That’s just silly.

And also because you laid your stuff on their doorstep and begged them to take it.

He’s not a troll. I’ve never been in a high tier corp and I always did fine solo. It’s all in your mindset. Some people are capable of thinking outside the box and the rest grind. That isn’t the game’s fault though.


exactly, and you know what that comes from? EXPERIENCE… lol thats why I like to listen to older folks… they have more experience than I do, I take to consideration what they say, always with a grain of salt, or simply that if what they say doenst make sense, its likely because I dont have that experience to make those connections.

the OP says they are new, and its difficult at even two weeks old to sort it all out. I happen to agree having eight years into Eve myself… it is VERY cutthroat. and AS A RESULT, CCP struggles to keep subscribers logging in, UNLESS they are in one of that few corps that FEEDS their members kills or isk or whatever content they desire. OR, perhaps they are the scamming troll lowlife that ENJOYS what they do, simply being a personality disorder or just having shitty qualities about them…

and even though eve is just a game, behind the avatar is a real person. likely if you are a shitty avatar in game, you are also likely a shitty person irl…

now when you find the few that go to great lengths to help someone out… something can be said about that, worth noting. but is it a stranger or their own kind?

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You wouldn’t walk into a Dragons Lair on a level 1 character armed with a wooden sword and be surprised when the dragon eats you, would you?

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of Low Sec and of the game in general.


Meh, i raged because i also lost 2 Vexors with 15 to 20 millions of fitting on each in Hi-sec too.

Also i did have 100 million, so i think i didn’t fly above what i can afford.

I mean, i worked hard for them, mining, mining.

I carried absolutely no loot, did ratting in asteroid belts in HI Sec and poof, someone shows up, kills me, and its gone. I mean i have to mine for 2 days to make that cash. It’s just silly, how some people seem to enjoy making life hard to an obvious noob.

I tried exploration fitting cheap ship, got ganked both in hi sec and low, but i made more from mining in hi sec than from hi sec exploration.

Yes i agree, skills, experience, and learning new ways to deal with everything. I really did my homework by reading a lot about eve, but gankers wont let me learn.

I just think that its really harsh to new players to get started if you want to fly anything decent.

How did you lose 2 Vexors in High Sec?

Losing Vexors in High Sec is not at all common (in my experience at least). They lose what they attack you with because Concord kills them, so unless you’re meeting far more than your fair share of gankers who just do it for the lolz, then you’re doing something wrong.

See whatever they killed you with was lost. I don’t get why people are throwing fleets / powerful ships at you in your Vexor ratting in a belt and then losing what they attacked you with. Either your fittings are stupidly valuable and they are hoping some of them will drop, or you are doing something else wrong (going Suspect for example).

This risk can be reduced dramatically by avoiding 0.5 and 0.6 systems where the Police response is slow and by fitting what you need to get the job done, not the most expensive modules in the shop (no High Sec rats need 15-20 million worth of modules to take down).

I can only find Low Sec kills for you on Zkill

See above about Dragons Lair reference re Low Sec. You know why I haven’t lost ships in Low Sec? Because I don’t go there.

One does not simply fly into Low Sec. It’s stargates are guarded by more than just NPCs. There is evil there that does not sleep …

You have to fly smart at first. Your greatest weapon is not your ship or the guns on it, your greatest weapon is knowledge and awareness. Where to fly, when to leave, how to fit and so on.

I hope you give the game another chance :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of your problem. Only go in low sec “IF(big if)” I’m really “ready to risk” my ship.

Going into low sec is more or less betting to lose your ship. And how did u get down there?

I sneaked in low sec to play in a couple drone sites yesterday. Insured the ship, no implants on my pod, pray a little prayer and jump to low sec close to trade hub so I’m expecting the sharks to be circling close at hand.

How did you lose a pod in a full -1.0 system and not lose a ship??

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My first loss in Lowsec was a Vexor or a Thorax, I was perhaps one week old and had a few ratting and mining sprees in low without problems before. The battle lasted merely 2-3 seconds, I was just terrified. But OK, many nice and expensive stuff left, I return with a looting frig to gather the remainders of my precious ship. Funny thing, the same guy killed me again, but now the interesting part begins: Then I said thanks for at least not being podded and we had a nice chat. In the end he gave me 50m ISK and some nice advice.
TLDR: Those who kill you may still really like and help you.


Adapt or die



don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose

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Im 2 months old in Eve. Of course I die a lot. Everytime I died, I learnt something new. My latest death was related to wormhole exploration, I learnt keep spaming dscan in wormhole, my pod was destoryed, then I learnt create a PodSave tab in overview window.

If you decided to quit the game, please consider giving me your assets, it would help me a lot. :slight_smile:

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Good old newbie times. Looks like many people had similar history of losing ships in low-sec.

A few suggestion to help you increase your chance of living:
Learn to dscan. It shows what ships are around you and can help you pinpoint others near warpable objects.
Look at zkillboard of the place you place to go. That usually gives a rough idea on what kind of people roam there.
If you intend to fight, fit some scram/webs and close range weapons. That should be effective against smaller targets. Do remember people would often underestimate a newbie.

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You’re using a wide brush to paint a complex picture, it doesn’t work. Yesterday for example I blew up a destroyer I found on autopilot, he was pretty damn new judging by his fitting though I didn’t check specifics. I have no remorse what so ever, the person was on autopilot during a war and this was his lesson. He’s lucky it was a cheap one. In the same day I contacted a new player from the forums who had been showing a good attitude to their first losses, refunded every loss they had incurred so far and paid for another 20 fitted ships on top.

Which am I? The nice guy or the psychopath? I enjoyed killing one new guy, as well a helping out the other new guy.


This is a PVP game. You won’t be able to avoid ship combat.

This is a zero-sum game. The few who are good at PVP get so by killing thousands of carebears, and each other. The few who are rich ISK-wise get so by taking / stealing / trading from the thousands who are poor. “To grind” is your choice. “To grind in high-sec” is your choice. And mining is the lowest income of all. All your choice.

Complaining about stuff that’s solely a consequence of your choices, is also your choice, though it’s telling us a lot about you.

If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. It’s just a game, same as any other, plenty other games out there. We don’t really care about CCP, player retention, or what you do with your time. Player retention is CCP’s job, if they want more they need to do a better job at coding the game. We completely don’t care about it, or about cuddling you or other players in the hope of retaining you. FG (fucks given) = 0. We just want to play, we just want a target to shoot, oh there you are, that’s basically it.