I have this dilemna too, although it’s not a dilemna really, as like you I am confident that when I do attack it is justified.

I spend my time answering questions in Rookie Help, and frequently answer questions about the consequences of looting yellow wrecks (although unlike many, I actively encourage them to take the risk if the loot is worth it). I also frequently shoot new players who loot yellow wrecks.

So which am I, Gaurdian or Destroyer? :thinking:

It is a slightly odd feeling when you become that which you have warned others to be afraid of, but hey, I don’t want to be seen as a liar. If I tell you that you might get shot when you loot a yellow and then don’t shoot you when you do it in front of me it would be wrong.

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I lost my first was 3 day old vexor to a gate camp doing first few missions. looking at the fit, I feel like an idiot.

My almost second loss was in a Iteron 1 and I was racing a hurricane for the gate, got full lock as I was jumping lol… After that I started reading the missions better.

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@Simke_Babaroga The main point and core of this game is to kill other peoples ships if you can. That’s why everybody is after you in lowsec. This is nothing personal, everybody fights everyone if they see a chance to win. But the game is balanced and gives predators and prey the tools either to score kills or avoid being killed. To make your first weeks safe, you need to learn the tools of the prey … cloaks, fast, small, inexpensive ships, stay in highsec for a while, use bookmarks … find a group to protect you.

Honestly, lowsec is easy and after null sov, it is probably some of the safest space in eve if you know what you are doing. Best advice that anybody can give regarding new players going to lowsec, is that when you get blown up - talk to the people who did it - ask them how they did it. Most of us lowsec dwellers are friendly and perfectly willing to give new bro advice or a hand up even if we have just blown you up. Once you get the hang of lowsec you should have no problem unless you go looking for one. Finally, keep in mind, the whole purpose of the game is to blow stuff up. Isk is just a means to acquire stuff to blow other stuff up. There are many ways to make isk. Depending on your play style, you really do not need a lot of isk to stay in the pvp game. Hell, I used to make my isk in exploration and that was more then enough to keep me in cruisers and BC. OFC now that I do BLOPs and capitals my isk needs are different. But that doesnt mean I’m having any more fun then when I used to do things cheaper.

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actually yea it does… we are talking about humans behind the stupid lil pixel avatars man… lol, you think that makes it different?> lmao in some cases I found it did, but only for the worse. see I happen to know what people think they can get away with when no ones looking. maybe its just me and my rifle type experience Ive had irl… but people = ■■■■

@Simke_Babaroga congrats on not just starting and staying in highsec. I see from your killboard that you’ve headed into wormholes too.

That’s much better than simply joining and mining until you quit.

Unfortunately though, the deeper you go into space, the more you have to be responsible for your own safety and that mainly takes knowledge, not skill points.

While experience is a good teacher, a good corporation can be too.

If you ever decide to come back again and give it another try, join a good Corp. you’ll learn how to survive so much faster when you can ask more experienced players around you.

Can we load up a fresh new record please? People have been saying EvE is dying since it was in Alpha.

You sound like an angsty teenager. And you were generalizing about a complex subject, which means you are never going to extrapolate a reasonable or effective solution. That’s just the way of the world.


Im not reading this whole thread.

Part of this games fun is that every one is trying to kill you and that danger lurks around every corner.

There are solutions to your problems. I permanently live in lowsec and it is extremely rare any more that i get caught when i dont want to be. Any time I get caught now a days is because i got baited into a losing fight. Look at my kb all of my losses are pvp fitted ships.

You’re quitting because after 10 days you aren’t better at the game then some one like me who has been playing for years.

Find some friends to learn from and work together. The best ship in eve is friendship after all. Imagine what could have happened if you had been in comms and been able to say “Guys i got tackled at belt 5,1 and i need help.”

Guys like me would have undocked in dps, heavy tackle, and jams to save you and just been ecstatic about the km you earned us.

So in all seriousness, get good. Don’t quit.


I looked at your kb and noticed you got blopsed. Thats pretty funny actually as they likely spent more isk in fuel that you lost in your vexor. They must have been bored for such an uninteresting kill.

You should have convoed them and told them how cool it was watching their expensive 2bil battleships come through a cyno on your 20mil cruiser. I would have replaced your vexor for you.

Now though, they are likely gorging on your tears.


You could apply to a low-sec or null-sec corp which could “give” you the reinforcement or support you may feel that you need to find what you want.

I think alpha can also apply.
You are also able to not log back in at least once a day at the current rate, so that should not be a problem for now.

One of the reasons you are quitting, is… what’s a better way to say this… you are a failure. You gave up. I have played this game for a year. I faced hundreds of cankers and won a PvP fight only once. I lost over a billion ISK. But I knew that I was doing something wrong, so I searched for it. I searched for the reason I could not get my money up. I looked through every death of mine, and I never gave up. You see… EvE is a game of its own kind. No, it’s not an RPG, it’s a game that represents… life. In life, you are faced with many choices, tough, and you often find yourself beaten down, but you live on. Your instinct of surviablity is not letting you die. If you give up on EvE, you on life. You give up on everything.


You lost your cruisers in LowSec, one of the most dangerous places in EVE. When you go from the starter area to a PVP battlefield after 10 days of playtime in other games the very same thing would happen.

What is a bit special with EVE is that the starter areas are very close to areas where everything that moves gets shot at. The next save area after High Security Space are calm Null Scurity systems in the middle of large player alliances.

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I am also very new, but I would like to add a few words, too. I do not know if you will read them, but I hope that you may.

What I would like to say is that a ‘decent’ ship is, from what I have gathered, so much more than a larger ship. A Tristan is decent, an Incurus is decent, even a Velator is decent, all depending on what you want to do. And, more importantly, no ship, no matter the size, is so decent that it is immune from ganking, I fear. You can do a lot of things in an economic vessel, one that it will not matter as much if someone decides to pop it. Particularly if you are in High-Sec, and they must spend something at least as valuable as yours to get the job done.

Heading into low-sec, and wormhole space, and doing something else than the ordinary, that is brave. However, it is also dangerous, and you will lose ships and equipment there. Get the cheapest tools, so that it will not feel like a waste. Even better, insure the vessels; nothing like some space insurance fraud to take the sting off.
And this is also important; try to not take the losses personally.

I understand, however. I do. I will no doubt be quite cross and less eager to play for a few days when I lose my first cruiser (and second, and third…), too.

I do hope you might come back, but since the steps are rather steep, I cannot say that I would blame you if you did not, and looked for an environment that is less harsh. You did try, after all.


I would like to agree with Simke here. The game is really unbalanced. There is nothing that really counters warp disruption. Other then running away when you have the chance there is nothing you can do.

Yes there are. There are both direct fittings counters like warp core stabs and nullified ships and the hard counter of using ECM. And of course, there is the ultimate hard counter of exploding the ship that has tackled you.

But that kinda is the point - to force a fight. How could you have a proper boxing match if there was no ring and the boxers could run away? That isn’t unbalanced, it is how any ship gets exploded at all.

There are plenty of ways of avoiding being tackled if you are not looking for a fight. But if you are, start one and then start losing, there had to be a way for your opponent you aggressed to be able to hold you in place and teach you a lesson.


That was awesome, Jain.

Honestly there is a cure for ignorance. Maybe read a little or ask somebody before posting. It’s easy to avoid dying in eve, maybe even too easy.

You realise there are people with 10 years worth of play time quitting for the reasons you give? There’s no disgrace in realising your misunderstanding of the ethos of the game so quickly.

I think you should realise though that everyone get’s ganked in this game. Even the gankers. It’s no different from playing CoD. You clearly imagined that you would be able to achieve something NO-ONE else who has ever played this game has, being able to proof yourself from being killed in EVE.

I don’t understand why people fail to understand the term PVP.

Maybe try Skyrim, it’s very good and virtually impossible to get killed.


I wish all my ex-gf did leave same fast…


Thats not so bad. Only lost 2 ships and one pod??

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