Leaving Eve again

Two years ago I started playing Eve, I didn’t mind the learning curve, I planned out my training, and ask advice in corp if needed.

After a few month I had enough, I was tired of ppls just blowing you up because they can. If these ppls had the same training time as me, I wouldn’t mind that ■■■■, pvp is good. Its when some asshat with 12 years under his belt, and all the training you can have, is bored FFS, just looks for ppls to F-over.

What the since of even playing eve, and I don’t need the here about, the don’t fly what you can’t afford, that’s just BS.

I just came back to Eve (omaga account) . You can replay in your sarcastic way if you wish, but I won’t be back. and screw that game time… to many good games out there.

My Rant


That’s messed up. I hope you find a game that suits you. Hey, I’m trying War Thunder right now. If you ignore the obvious cash grabs and only research your vehicles and modifications you can fly a P-36 and blow sh- up for free. Relieves some of that EVE frustration.
I advise you not to quit but keep logging for the fun, if there’s any left for you. Unless you were hoping to get billions and trillions of isk in a few months and take control of a solar system… then I’m afraid it ain’t gonna happen and you might as well give me your stuff.
I wish you good luck on the next game you try.

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Your vexor was suicide ganked, and you came here to tell the forums that you’re leaving forever.

I hope that one day, I too will kill someone so hard they post a rant and rage-quit.

On a more serious note, assuming this is in fact your main, I’d try out being the bad guy just to see the other side.

Fit an imicus with an expanded probe launcher and some salvagers and go find someone else’s wrecks to salvage. This is many a bastard’s first step into being a baddie. Something you really just can’t be in many games.


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