Eve online round 2

Quit playiung a few years back to enjoy life…all I remember is alt f1 ctrl…any more help is appreciated?

Seems as if the game has died a bit…was very toxic when I left, keyboard warrior squabbling like kids…probably were.

What to do in this place, this time.

Why do you come back then? The reason should give you a hint what path to chose.

I’m thinking exploration and not diving as deep into the game. It was like a second job when working, now I’m retired I like to take it easy. DED sites and such? Probably plex up 2 characters?

I haven’t played in years…don’t know any of the new content…all I can find is these trafagalian sites that don’t seem interesting, don’t like time limits.

Exploration and DED sites are still fine.

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So… life is no longer enjoyable?

Actually I tied up some loose ends and am living comforrtably retired in my mid 40’s with a high 5-figure pension+investments and paid home…
This MAY just add another ray pf bright sunlight to my life.

Oh cool. I retired at 35 with my 20 year old supermodel wife in my 8 figure house in the Bahamas last year.

Jokes aside, even a million dollars isnt enough to retire on here in comfortably Canada for even 10 years so wherever you live, I guess, good luck.

I can tell you this much, this is the wrong game for that.

You’re incorrect, while you boast…I only expain my somewhat mundane reality.

I’m in my mid forties and sold everything a few years back, blew it all on wine, women and song and now I’m starting again. Perhaps I’ll be dead before my new mortgage is paid off, you never know your luck.

Have fun!


Welcome back.

Eve is boring at the moment. But the community’s nice.

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Yeah it seems okay. But after breaking the original addiction I wonder why I ever was so involved. I still wonder.

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