Getting started...again...need advice

Hi. I p,aged this game for a little bit about a year ago. I liked it but felt VERY overwhelmed by the complexity of the game.

Nevertheless, here I am again. I am looking for an MMORPG that can consume lots of my time, because I have lots to kill.

However, I am a 45 year old man and while I’ve played video games since the 1970s, I wouldn’t say I’m hardcore anything. I’d like to do mostly PVE in Eve Online if that’s even possible.

I probably don’t have the dedication to join a Discord server or have mandatory log ins, but I wouldn’t mind a decent group to work with.

Does this sound like I should still consider getting back into this game? Or are my expectations way off?



pick one of those things.

the keystone to eve is friendship.
any decent group will be worth getting on their comms for and will provide it for you.
make friends and you’re sorted.

Edit: to clarify comms dosent have to mean any more commitment than being in a corp, just be willing to make smalltalk and crack a joke whenever the oppertunity arises and youd be surprised the difference it makes

So if you’re friendly and cool, that will take you a long way? Got it.

being likable will get you much further in eve than any amount of sp.
just be sound and you wil be fine.
what keeps us all here are the stories shared between friends, get in on that.

There are lots of groups to join and corporations aren’t nearly as cutthroat as they once were. Going it alone is also a solid option for PvE - particularly with the new Abyssal pockets coming at the end of May.

Believe it or not, EVE seems more daunting than it really is. Sure, if you want to do everything you’ll have a steep learning curve - but it’s very easy to pick up stuff and most corporations are more than willing to show you the ropes. Good luck!

Hello and welcome back to Eve.

It’s very possible to just mainly do PvE in this game. That’s pretty much what I do. Course in the process of doing that PvP’ers will try to get you, however as long as you fly smart, you’ll stay safe.


^ This. Also worth noting that although doing PvE only is perfectly viable it might get repetitive sooner or later, though the new Trig sites may help with that but still PvE has its limits in variation and challenge and will never come as close as PvP. Especially so as you write you will have a lot of time to dedicate which means you will reach that point sooner.

Another noteworthy option is joining a wormhole corp, though PvP interaction is expected to be more often and the consequences of such much more severe compared to hi-sec, though the rewards are also better.

Nullsec is somewhere in-between regarding risk though in a proper corp / alliance the rewards should be much greater due to the fairly safe environment. Also if you will be omega eventually you could become a nullsec carrier ratter and make dank ISK and could easily PLEX your accounts without having to pay for them while doing PvE as you will have lots of time to spend on doing so, assuming you won’t get bored of it… though even if you are bored in null you will have plenty of opportunities for PvP to spice things up between PvE activities.

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There’s a lot of different PvE content to engage in, just have to mix it up and do different things to keep from getting burned out. Hell, I’ve been doing PvE content for almost 10 years, course I did take a couple of short breaks during that time but hey, I’m still doing PvE content.

Well, guess I also do Stealth PvP when needed, meaning I mostly fly cloaked, always have defenses active with D-scan working overtime.

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