Returning? veteran

Hello Eve online,

Here I am, a guy who used to play a lot of eve. That was however many a years ago. Please read the entire post I made before putting up a standard reply, I don’t Wan you or me to waste our time with something that will definatly not be a match.

I now perhaps feel an urge to return to the game I have loved so much and therefor I am looking for a place to start a new.

Since it has been so long ago since I played I am sure I will some need guidance of a lot of basic things.

A little history as of my latest gaming, I have for the past 2 years been playing some wow, where I enjoyed doing high level end game content. It has however come to a halt for me as I do not enjoy it as much as before. Before that I got a kid and didn’t game and before that was games like world of tanks and the like. I can from time to time enjoy other games as well. Played a little final fantasy online and path of exile lately.

As for eve online back in the days. I did a load of pirating at first and then I got into a geo political guild where we fought many battles outnumbered and still came out on top. I enjoy playing with people who push it to the limit, I am somewhat competitive in this manor.

What I am looking for is.

  • A place to be social with like minded people. Where there is always people online to talk with a do stuff with. Not looking for a close knit group that is hard to get into.
  • A place who values a no ■■■■■■■■ and drama free atmosphere.
  • A place with other people of my age around 40 and in same situation (with kid or kids), that understand that real life takes precedence.
  • Content wise I would like to get back into pvp as I enjoyed that a lot. However what kins of pvp exists in eve nowadays I do not know. I did enjoy small gang warfare as much as big fleets, where I also did my share of fc. But it was many years ago.

Probably more things will follow and I will update the post as I learn more about the state of things.

I have 2 chars with some sp’s on them so they can fly most ish ships. Also some alts that could be used down the line.
I am loyal to the bone and want to see the place I end up prosper.
My play time will most likely be from 19/20.00 gmt +1 till 22/23.00 gmt+1, 5 days a week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here on the forums or write in the thread and I will answer any questions put forth.

Best regard

Hi Lord KesH

Glad you’ve decided to return to the game. It does have that effect on players. We play, we leave, we return, we leave. Real life gets in the way of our playtime a lot and we all understand that.

A little bit about Reign of Steel. We’re a “do it all” kind of corp in Brave Alliance, based in Fade/Pure Blind. The area is a great isk making spot with lots of opportunities for whatever kind of game you’d like to play. Although the corp is industrial based, we have players who like to PVP too. The alliance mumble is always active and when we have neural roaming through there’s plenty of small gang stuff to do. There are no corp/alliance targets, you play your way.

Most of us are mature players who, like you, want to get on in the game and not be mythered by the drama that sometimes comes along with this type of game. Sure there will be conflict over how something is done but I personally leave that to people who run the show.

If we sound like the kind of place you’d like to be, join our discord and speak to us. Our most active time is UK evenings from about 7pm though to US late night
but I’m on and off discord throughout most days.

Hey bud,

Not sure if we are something that would interest you but we live in a C2 wormhole and use Nullsec and C5 statics for our content. We’re pretty small wormhole and mostly PVP content, however we do not have ANY activity requirements, so if you need to step away from the game for months or w/e, that’s completely fine. We’re very active and have some standard programs set up but we thrive to stay rather as a small but connected group and we’re not hard to get in :slight_smile:

If wormholes are something you are willing to take a look at, I highly recommend giving us a chance. (P.S it’s not that hard, you can learn scanning and everything very quickly)


TSSOC is a long time corp, living in an active area of Null, we are pretty much everything you listed.

come say hi !

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