Reign of Steel. 0.0 PVP, PVE, INDY & more. All Time Zones

Reign of Steel is, at its heart an industrial corp. HOWEVER, we don’t shy away from PVP when required.

Founded in May 2023 the corp has grown quickly and become a part of Brave Alliance.

We are -
*Up for the craic
*Not elitist

If you’re looking for a pure PVP corp this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a corp that will look after you and do whatever we can in the heat of the moment, THAT’S US.

For the miners - Corp offers a weekly buyback scheme for all unrefined ore.

For the PVEers - Corp offers buyback on all your rat loot.

For all that PI - Corp offers buyback on all your PI.


Brave alliance and it’s friends have a vast sov network so you’ll never be short of opportunities regardless of your game style. It’s a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure. You play the game your way.

PVP? Plenty, just get in to fleet.
Mining? Plenty, just get into the belts
PVE? Plenty and it’s lucrative.
Building? Plenty, we have BPCs available.

So come and get yours. It’s just sitting here waiting for you.

Feel free to join our Discord and message Castrati Falistis, Reshi Dantes, Or VishwaKarma. We’ll be happy to chat to you, so you can see if we’re what you’re looking for.

Cookies? Who said cookies? We don’t have no stinking cookies!

Kings English - Awm gahn dahn tha fwog ‘n’ toad, ta da battw cwoosah for a point of easy roidah

Or In the Cockney slang version - I’m going to the pub for a pint of cider

The green light flashes, the flags go up,
But long ago somebody left with the cup

Today was a good day by ice cube but altered for EVElings

Just wakin’ up in the mornin’, gotta thank God

I don’t know but today seems kinda odd

No gangs roaming through, no pods

And I sold my Rattlesnake for a big wad

Got my scan probes and worked all the sigs out

Finally, got a decent site so now I’m churning rigs out

Hooked it up with a mate, landed at another gate

Got out of mining ice in FIO1-8

I gotta go ‘cos they’re asking me to shoot at rocks

But when I kill some rats, I can make the loot drop

Had to stop at a ‘dictor sphere

Looked in local, no war targets, no fear

And everything is alright

I got a ping from alliance, we’ll be shooting reds all night

Homies calling out in fleet, “got a dread tackled”

I bet their pilot was stressed and just a little rattled

Get me on the grid and I’ll cause trouble

Popin’ up my heavy interdiction bubble

Freakin’ hostiles every way in IPAY

I can’t believe, today was a good day

Hummena hummena hummena

Could do with more miners for the moon goo

Could do with more ratters for the TITAN RATS!!

Could do with more builders for the…… building

Could do with more PVPers for the pew pew

Pour some sugar on me…

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight.

It’s the size of the fight in the dog!

Recruiting miners and producers for moons, roids and adult fun.

Hmm, may have got two unrelated adverts mixed up there.

We are seeking miners, from veterans to newbros to help us mine our moons and other materials.

Corp buy backs are a guaranteed way to earn isk. You just need to pull in the ore.

Empire based? Come and see what nullsec is all about.

It’s Friday night and that means only one thing.


Late night bump

Taking this to the top

Anymore indy types for null sec?

Reign of steel requires miners of all skill levels to mine ore/moons/gas.

The corp operates a buyback scheme for all raw materials so you will be guaranteed an income from the work you do.

Other opportunities include lucrative ratting in both Serpentis and Guristas areas.

If you’re interested join our recruitment channel in game - Reign Recruiting
or join our discord
Or alternatively mail Castrati Falistis, Reshi Dantes or VishwaKarma in game.

Je me présente je suis Adams Kev et je cherche une corporation et alliance en nul sec et j’aimerais faire du PVE et pvp et fabrication des vaisseaux et de explorations et je fabrique des choses en T1 et je suis pas encore oméga pour l’instant sais pour vous prévenir quand même j’ai un problème avec mon pc portable je peux pas y jouer à Eve online donc voilà eu j’ai des difficultés à mes exprimé et parfois même j’ai un problème avec mon handicap est ce que vous parliez anglais mais j’essaie de parler anglais mais je parler français et si vous savez des questions n’hésite pas sûr tout quand même j’ai un discord sais Adams Kev #4152

Bonjour Adams Kev

Merci d’avoir répondu à ce fil. s’il vous plaît rejoignez notre discorde et nous pouvons parler plus loin. Malheureusement, mon français est inexistant, je vais donc devoir utiliser un traducteur.

hello know good i joined your discord

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