Cov Ops/Black Ops PVP focus looking for NS or LS home (USTZ)

Back again, following a previous recruitment post I have had a change of heart and am now in the market for a whole new corp.

I am a Covert Ops PVP specialist with 3 alt accounts looking for a new home in nullsec or lowsec with an active Cov Ops/Black Ops PVP group.

140/40/30/20m sp respectively.

Competent hunter currently online daily/nightly in US and EU timezones, have fc experience in small to medium size fleets, (regularly hunt for bombers bar and fc’d a few times in the past but prefer small/med gang due to connection limitations) looking for a small to medium size outfit with a number of pilots who are already actively running or are interested in getting bomber/blops fleets running within their corp/alliance.

NOT interested in living in a wormhole. Day trips/whaling from null statics is ok.

WOULD consider joining an Amarr FW group in lowsec that isn’t hardcore RP.

If you think we may be a good fit for eachother, reply here and/or message me in-game :smiley:

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You Are Welcome With Us, :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there! You sound like a great candidate for Brotherhood of Spacers! We are a Black Ops focused Alliance based out of NPC Nullsec in Venal. We run Black Ops fleets daily and as you can see from our Zkillboard, have quite the success rate!

At B0SS Alliance we place a premium on mature social interactions, and on playing eve well by learning, growing and communicating with one another. As we once famously stated; “We’re not elitists, we’re just tired of fail”.

We don’t ask for much from our pilots. An interest in PvP is a must but we are a mature group who understand our best members are often busy professionals with families and real life obligations.

A normal week in B0SS looks like:

  • Small gang PvP
  • Mid-sized fleets
  • ESS bank robbing
  • Blopsing (both in comp and Blops BS)
  • High-end ISK earning
  • Active friends on comms to chat and roam with

To all members we offer:

  • Alliance comms, discord & other services
  • A robust presence at out-of-game events such as EVE Vegas & Fanfest
  • An open-mindedness to new ideas
  • Learning over killboard mentality
  • Skilled leadership with a combined 50 years experience

Our ideal pilots:

  • PvP regularly (no hard minimums however)
  • Get on comms
  • Interact in a fun, social and amicable way

If any of this interests you, please join us in our Discord and open a recruitment ticket. I would be happy to discuss further details with you.

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Hi Luther,

My corp, Entropy Engine, has lived up in NPC Nullsec for about a year now. We’re a member of BOSS Alliance, which is a great group of dudes (70/30 USTZ/EUTZ)

We’ve got great BLOPS ranges into some of the best hunting grounds in EVE, and some great hunters.

Typical night is usually some blops hunting, maybe a roam, maybe we go huff gas and make nice ISK.

If you’re interested hop in our discord and we can chat.




We are a fresh sov holding corporation/alliance, which i might add in a very high skilled group.
We do own a very high potential true security space, which ads us a willing to grow and expand our members base with the goal of sustaining our pvp capabilities.

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Hi Luther,

Glad you’ve decided to come back.

While our corp might not specifically fit your needs we are in Brave Collective (Goon aligned) ands there’s always going to be something you can do within the alliance. The corp is a very eclectic mix of players who do anything from mining to large fleet PVP.

If we sound like something you’d be interested in by all means connect to our discord within the forum link below and ask for Castrati.

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Group specialzing in blackops…


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