65MIL SP Pilot Looking for Corp

I am currently searching for a new home, as the corp I used to play with has died out (and therefore my desire to play the game did too). I’ve stuck around hoping some people would return to the game, but alas, it is time to move on. The game has turned into a job for me over the past few years, and I am really looking to go back to hanging out while PvPing (actually enjoy the game again). My main is 65MIL SP and can fly BLOPs/Dreads. I do have ALTs that can do various things, but I prefer to just use my main these days.


What I am Looking For:

  • LowSec or UNALIGNED NullSec (If you have a WH/HS corp that commonly roams out of Jita or some other hub and are fine with me joining from there that works too)
  • PvP Focused (especially BLOPs)
  • No massive PAP requirement (If I am enjoying flying with your corp I will be active, I just don’t want a 5 PAP per month requirement that forces me on multiple boring alliance ops. I have other things I would rather do in my free time)
  • Small to medium size (I am 100% fine with a small group of dudes, I am even fine with a new corp. As long as you have several casually active players to roam with I will be happy)

Hey gamer,

Striking while the iron’s hot here!

If you’d consider living in NPC nullsec, you should check out B0SS. We live in NPC nullsec in Venal and engage in a lot of blops warfare. Currently we are without practically any blues.

Have a read through our wiki and perhaps swing by our discord and open a recruitment ticket if you think one of our corps might suit you:

Come check us out at The Order of Omerta. We are all about FW and small gang pvp and spend most of our time in LS. We fly all types of ships and are looking for more BLOPS pilots so we can start up a sig in the UStz. We got some great FCs and a relaxed attitude. We are on the older side and play more casually. If you want a good tight group of guys who like to ■■■■■■■■ and have fun come join us.

check us out man.
we’re currently working on building up BLOPSing and small gang stuff.
We are NPSI oriented but not exclusive.
and we are anythign but alligned to any block :slight_smile:

Your name rings a bell, you might recognise our alliance (SL0W) too :wink:

Hey Solis,

How do you feel about faction warfare? We are a small UStz PVP corp fighting the good fight in Calmil which offers pretty much a never-ending content source for cruisers and down pvp. We also have a short list of blues so a few of us run with the various NPSI groups on occasion (bombers bar/spectre for that blops whaling action).

Boondocks Industrial: Bringing Business to the Boondocks!!

Our business plan is to Encourage and Inspire Business Opportunities in the many systems that lie at the end of the gravel roads of New Eden. Far from the noise and traffic of the Trade hubs. Where you wave at your neighbors as you pass, sit on your front porch, drink your coffee, read your paper and enjoy the fresh air. All without having to worry about 'bots mining your ore, or gankers knocking on your doors.

Boondocks Industrial is now hiring. We are looking for Mature Entrepreneurs with a background in Trade, Mining and Industry. Creativity, Inventiveness and the ability to think outside of the box. You must be willing to live and work in NPC Null. No experience necessary, we will train the right candidates. PvP experience is a plus, but not required. We will train you if you are interested. You will be strongly encouraged to participate in Alliance and Coalition fleets. We will train you. This is a great opportunity to live and work in a relative stable area of Null-Sec space without the SOV politics. Plenty of business opportunities for the cleaver thinker. For more information contact Umathyor Chelien or Abraham Solis. Or drop into I-BLU Public and ask for Uncle Uma. Bring your own calculator and coffee cup. We Love SpreadSheets!

Boondocks Industrial is part of the I-BLU Alliance and a member of the Syndicate Coalition.

Heyyyo, we are a small but tight nit corp that is new to wormhole space and is forging out path in the great beyond of wormhole space while getting drunk together on comms! We are looking to build up our pvp forces and would very much be interested in you! :smiley: Feel free to check us out: Brewmaster Armada and feel free to contact me on discord :slight_smile: : hellbent69420

Imperium Technologies - PvP | Null Sec | New & Old
[ PvP focused with 100% SRP ] - No Life like Null Life -

Discover the rich content and deep social bonds of the 0.0 experience. We offer training and access to the highest end content available in New Eden. Become part of a gaming family that stretches back to the dawn of Eve. Join a rich tradition of combat pranks, territorial wars and, in general, causing as much trouble as we can, wherever we go.

  • Come be a part of gaming history! Join an ancient nullsec Corp whose history stretches back to 2003.

  • Newbros/Returning/Olds welcome, all can apply.

  • 80% Buyback program for all your loot.

  • 0.0 Life!!! vast area of null-sec spanning the Southeast of New Eden.

  • Open boarders with all coalitions space.

  • 20 years of knowledge and experience to help elevate your game.


  • Have microphone and comms software (Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord)

  • PvP focused, We play hard, we fight hard. Must be willing and able to kill.

  • Must be +18 years of age or older (family/friends exempt as long as they are mature).

Please contact me for more info
In-game name: Bloodytears Damon
Discord: Archmage1006
IT Discord: Imperium Technologies

i hope we can intrest you
Greetings o7

Have you thought about Wormhole Space at all small to medium gang PvP with a good isk earning potential come speak to us at Almost Dangerous

Hey man, my buddy and I have started a new corp and have grown to around 10 members. We’re mainly focused on Indy at the moment to get some cash flow and allow us to grow and provide more formour members, but we do everything. Small gang pvp, PVE, abyssals, you name it. As we grow we will get into more.

But about us, the leaders are from nullsec and wanted to create a corp where everyone could make some isk and enjoy themselves. The corp is about the people. Enjoying the game as a group. We do group things daily whether it be mining fleets, gate camps or small gang roams in low, null or wormholes. Group mission running to help with sec status or to have a good time with newer players.

We’re looking for like-minded players. Chill, relaxed people who just want to enjoy their time on eve with others. Joke around in comms and just have a good time while accomplishing goals as a group.
If you think you would be interested feel free to message us on discord and we can chat.

Hi there

we migth be a good option for you

Looking forward to hear from you


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