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Are you looking for a helpful corp with plenty of isk opportunities? Here we are.

Growing corp needs more industrials with teeth

Get you some of this

What leaves but never comes?….

A tree.

What do you want to do in the game?

Do it with us.

You pay to play so play your way

The sooner you join the richer you become

Peaked my interest, returning player, flown solo for a month and done nothing but procrastinate since :man_shrugging:t2:

Looks like your Discord link expired, do you have a current one?

Come on, we’ve been waiting for you.

If you join I’ll give you a medal. Would that make you happy?

I lika doo da chacha!

Any hardcore miner/builders out there who want to get nullsec rich?

Jump in to our discord, say hi, see what we’re about

We’re always happy to have new pilots to fly with!

Is your corp dying?

Are the members leaving?

Do you need an active group you can count on?

We’re here for you.

We need-


If you have over 3m sp and know how to warp directly from gate to gate without relying on autopilot, we can teach you the rest.


Jeeves, To the top my good man!

Still here, still cracking rocks, still wanting team players.