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When you started playing eve, what was the aim for you?

Belonging to something bigger?
Just because it wastes some time?

If the first three are true then you should apply.

If the last one is true, maybe keep looking.

We’d like to hear from any players who want mature but fun gameplay and who want to be an integral jigsaw piece in the bigger picture.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want low SP players. We know you need to start playing somewhere.

Building your wallet and assets is as important to us as building the corp.

The corp offers-
Discounted ships.
Buyback on all loot/PI/Belt ore/moon ore/ice/gas.
Fleet boosts.
Inter corp deliveries.
Isk opportunities,.
Small and large scale PVP.
Alliance SRP for stratops.

What we want-

We have easy access to ice belts, moons, colossal anomaly belts, rare (expensive) ore and industry infrastructure. BPC library and alliance BPC program. Multiple daily fights, ESS heists, SRP,

Mail me in game for details or join our recruitment discord


Boosts up on the ice tonight. Not saying where though

3 moons and counting. Come and gets some of them.

Not your thing? We need protection from our friendly neighbourhood enemies too.

Personally, I made 500m mining yesterday and I was only logged on and mining for about 3 hours. It doesn’t always happen like that but it definitely can.

Are you online and playing right now? Looking for a new corp? Wondering if there’s something more to do than the same old highsec blahhhh.

Reign of Steel are here for you.

We’ve spent a lot of time and isk getting the corp set up in just the right spot for our industrial members. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a great PVE system either. With out capital just a few jumps away you’re never far from a fight if that’s your thing.

Jump on board. You don’t want to miss out.

Stop thinking about it and doooo eeeeeet!!

Apply and get rich, or die repeatedly trying.

Calling all miners….

There’s no point procrastinating. Get a grip and hit the link. The rest is easy.

It’s time to choose your direction. You’re obviously looking for something different. It’s why you’re reading through the corp adverts.

Do you have a wallet full of isk? Do you have a great group of players around you who will do everything they can to improve your game?

If not, it’s because you’re not already with us.

Today could be the first day in the process of finding your forever corp. all you have to do is join our discord and chat to us. We won’t bite……unless you beg us to.

Four people - Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar and Amarr - are in a shuttle that gets too close to a black hole’s gravity well and starts to slowly spiral inwards. They need to think of ways to get rid of extra weight very quickly.

First the Caldari puts her bags of money in the airlock and flushes them out. “We’ve got plenty of that back home.”

Then the Gallente throws his crates of wine in the airlock and pulls the lever. “We’ve got plenty of that back home.”

Next, the Minmatar looks at the Amarrian and says: “Hey! Don’t you even think about it.”

~ dumbledore

Daily bump

You want it, you know you want it, I know you want it, so why deny yourself?

Get this thing to the top!

Bum ping

Without so much as a whisper she slid the knife from the sheath, its cold steel reflecting the streetlight’s energy as she thrust at his heart, the blade missing its intended target but scoring a deep hit into his lung.

He stood stone still as she pulled away for another attempt, this time aiming for his throat. The blade’s silvery shine now dulled, deep and red, she threw herself towards the man knowing it was her last hope, her last effort, her final act if he didn’t drop down dead.

This time the aim was true. As if in slow motion the edge cut into his flesh. Each tiny vibration as the minute serrations cut through skin, muscle and sinew making the act so much more satisfying, but before long the weapon left his body, spitting blood across the wall as she swung her arm to the side.

Still the man stood without even a twitch, his chest and throat pouring his life through their open wounds. Backing away now, waiting for the inevitable she looked him in the eye, not wanting to seem as scared outwardly as she felt on the inside. His head slowly dropped forward and he glared at her almost through his eyebrows, raising a smile as he moved forward a step, and fell.

It was 3,47am. That was the only thing she knew for sure. The wall mounted clock across the street told her so. As for day or date she had no idea. One hunter down, who knew how many to follow.

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Get in corp now and enjoy the spoils.

We have ice, great ores, great moon goo, and we also have gas but we are cutting down on the amount of cruciferous vegetables we’re eating.

Huge amounts of isk to be made in null sec. All you have to do is apply

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