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The beatings will continue until morale improves

Still here. Still screaming for help in local. Did I say help? I meant boosts.

Cakes and beer and Minmatar slaves. We don’t have any of it.

Am I just typing this for my own benefit?

Group hug? Don’t get handsy though!

You put the left leg in front of the right leg and the rest of you will follow.

If you play the game for the fun and friendship and not purely for the mundane task of amassing isk, apply. The isk is just a nice bonus.

I’m representing for them miners all across new Eden
(Still) Hitting them roids with them lasers beamin’
Still taking my time to teach the class
And I still got love for the gas , it’s the C.A.S

Miners required to mine our R32.

Weekly corp buyback for all ores/PI/ice/loot/salvage.

Great community and craic.

Let’s get this party started

Are you an industrial based player? Want to play the game for the game and not JUST for the isk grind?

We’re waiting for your application. We have great members, active corp chat in all time zones, multinational members base, regular mining and boosts available. Corp buys everything you’re selling so you’re guaranteed the isk on payday (Friday)

What we want in return is a member who can see the bigger picture and not just the balance in their wallet. A member who can work towards what the corp needs while making good isk.

We can offer - regular buybacks on everything you have gathered. Ice, ore, PI, gas, loot. If it can be placed into your hangar corp will buy it. Deals on ships. Sometimes half market price, sometimes free depending on the value and use. Access to great mining areas and industry infrastructure. Three corp moons with zero tax, just mine and sell to corp. public alliance R64 moons (with some tax).

Still need way more miners/industrialists

If I tickle you under your chin, would that persuade you?

Beep beep

Your early morning recruitment call

Hurry up, you’re wasting time with that empire ore.

Omg this gas, this gas my dudes, omg this gas, omg. Between that and the moon ore and the havens and the ice and the combat sites. You don’t know what you’re missing

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