[S-L-X] Shadow Legion X is recruiting! [C2 0.0/C5 WH PVP CORP ] [EU/US]

!! Looking for mainly USTZ Pilots to fill in the gap!!

Just a little bit about us, we are originally a corp that was founded with a bunch guys together looking for something different and to do on our own, we’ve got a long past after going on our own with being in many different alliances in different coalitions throughout New Eden. We’ve got veteran EVE pilots dating from late 2003 and 2005. Recently approximately a year ago (two years now - now three years ago) we made the decision to change our lifestyle and after 10 years of living in null-sec, we moved into a wormhole. Currently, we stay in a C2 with nullsec and C5 statics, we are a very chill and laid back corporation where we have daily PVP going on, if you are not PVP focused/oriented then this is not the corporation for you. At the moment we have players spread across all timezones, AU/EU and US timezones.

For more information here’s our corp killboard: Killboard

Below is a link to a reddit post to our recent eviction defense where multiple groups tried to evict us. Through team effort with a dozen other WH groups coming to support us we managed to defend our home. You can have a read for deeper understanding of our group.


With joining us you will have access to:
- Wormhole space
- Corporation SRP
- Tips and tricks from veteran EVE players
- Opportunity to learn and become an FC
- Corporation discord for all information
- Big friend group and hangout in our community in other games outside of EVE
- Fully functional Teamspeak 3 Server for voice communication
- Small & medium sized alliance and corp fleets on a daily basis
- Fun black opsing/hotdropping in nullsec space on carebears
- Perfect wormhole for you to set up PI
- Safe and quiet space for wormhole PVE and exploration
- We will help you move in and estbalish in your new home
- Free travel through any highsec, we use alt corporations for holding structures thus we have no wardecs
- Help you learn how to smallgang nano pvp
- Be involved in wormhole fights and heavy brawls

Requierments to join:
- Omega accounts only / 50 mil SP and above (alts preferred as well)
- Have good PvP skills when it comes to piloting
- Be able to speak and understand English fluently
- Scanning skills or willing to learn how to scan
- Real life comes first, there’s NO requirement to be active
- Do not be toxic, we have zero toxicity policy

Videos showcasing us in action (Warning we do not promote ourselves as the next Tuskers or Goryn Clade pvpers, videos are purely for entertainment purposes):

Shadow Legion X Videos Collection

If you are interested then join our ingame channel “SLX_Enlistment” or join through our discord “SLX Discord” and contact a recruiter that way.



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