[S-L-X] Shadow Legion X is recruiting! [C2 0.0/C5 WH PVP CORP ] [EU/US]

Are you looking for high octane wormhole brawls? What about constant access to small gang PVP in nullsec? Are marauder gangs what you’re into?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you sound Seriously Suspicious™.

We are a C2 wormhole corp in the last great content hole for those who love both heavy wormhole brawls and small gang PVP.

Several years ago we relocated from nullsec to do away with all the terrible politics and CTA’s.,and have become one of the premiere wormhole PVP groups in EVE. We are over 200 members strong and have relationships with most of the large wormhole groups Our players include original 2003 veterans who can fly everything as well as guys who started a few months ago and yeet t1 cruisers into nullsec 16 hours a day. What unites us is a passion for PVP content wherever we can find it and a commitment to a fun and laid back environment.

Our home hole, Terranova, has a 0.0 and C5 static, meaning we get the best of both worlds and are never waiting for content. We’re looking for active new members, preferably with experience in wormholes, though all PVP lovers meeting our requirements are welcome to contact a recruiter via our in-game channel or discord.

For more information here’s our corp killboard: Killboard

Below is a link to a reddit post to our eviction defense where multiple groups tried to evict us that we are proud of and is a big part of our history. Through team effort with a dozen other WH groups coming to support us we managed to defend our home. You can have a read for deeper understanding of our group.


With joining us you will have access to:
- Wormhole space
- Full SRP for contributing members and cheap C5 farmholes for outrageous ISK printing
- Guidance from serious veteran EVE players
- We have well experienced FC’s (supercaps, etc) with decades of experience
- Opportunity to learn and become an FC. All members are encouraged to ping anytime for content.
- Corporation discord for all information and shitposting
- Big friend group and hangout in our community in other games outside of EVE
- Super serious black opsing/hotdropping in nullsec on pathetic carebears
- Fully functional Teamspeak 3 Server for voice communication
- Small & medium sized alliance and corp fleets on a daily basis
- Perfect wormhole for you to set up PI
- Safe and quiet space for wormhole PVE and exploration
- We will help you move in and estbalish in your new home
- Free travel through any highsec, we use alt corporations for holding structures thus we have no wardecs
- Help you learn how to smallgang nano pvp
- Be involved in wormhole fights and heavy brawls

Requierments to join:
- Omega accounts only / 50 mil SP and above. Willing to immediately prioritize Command Ships V and HAC V if not trained when applying.
- PvP piloting skills. All members are expected to know how to fly their own ships, even in large fleets.
- Be able to speak and understand English fluently
- Scanning skills or willing to learn how to scan
- Players with scanning, sabre, boosher, tackle. or marauder alts preferred but not required.
- Real life comes first, there’s NO requirement to be active
- Do not be toxic, we have zero toxicity policy

Videos showcasing us in action (Videos are purely for entertainment purposes):

Shadow Legion X Videos Collection

If you are interested then join our ingame channel “SLX_Enlistment” or join through our discord “SLX Discord” and contact a recruiter that way.



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