Shadow Legion Y - EVE's Premiere Newbro Wormhole PVP corp

Are you a newer player looking for an active PVP corp in wormhole space? Look no further than Shadow Legion Y.

We are all about having fun blowing ships up in wormhole space and learning EVE Online while doing it. We have mentors with close to 20 years of experience in EVE looking to start something new by helping the next generation get started.

What do you get access to as a part of Shadow Legion Y?

  • Learn about wormholes from pros.
  • Access to all of New Eden via our HS and C3 statics. Bored where you are? Just roll it and be in a totally new part of the galaxy.
  • Our HS and C3 static ensure we have easy access to hauling to and from trade hubs, as well as PVP content. Team up with other groups to hunt targets and take down the big fish.
  • Skillplans and mentorship.
  • Learn to be a great PVPer even with low skill points. Our mentors are specialists in punching up against bigger groups with small, cheap ships.

If you’ve been looking to dip your foot into wormholes and PVP, check out our discord here:

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