Shadow Legion Y - The ultimate newbro friendly WH Corp

Shadow Legion Y is a newbro friendly corp looking for new players to join our ranks. We are the newbro friendly sister corp of Shadow Legion X. Living in a C2 hole with a C3 and HS static we have the perfect connections for all newbro pilots. We consist of a small yet experienced group of players from the United Kingdom and USA, with a lot of Wormhole and Nullsec activity under their belts, we usually fight on a whim upon random roams, blackops hunting or just the occasional juicy catch down a WH chain.

Join us, learn to PvP from one of the best corps in wormhole space and make dank ISK !

So, what makes us worth joining?

  • Mentorship program for new players to teach you PvP and the basics of wormhole life

  • C3/HS statics guarantee high income ratting opportunities.

  • PvP hungry members always looking for content

  • Nofilter VOIP (Discord) where pretty much anything goes (bar racism, sexism, comments deemed offensive by Discord or ‘da guvverment’).

  • We may be old, but the corp is small. You’ll be making a lot of bold, ‘first-of’ stories with us to hold throughout your EVE lifetime.

  • ISK Production via WH Sites, PVP Loot, Industry and heaps more, we try to mix cash gain with fun.

  • You’ll know what it is like to become self-sufficient with the game, with the benefits that follow…

  • Blueloot buyback and integrated trade within the Corporation, great for Site farmers and Industrialists.

  • Wormhole Site running guides developed via years of experience and adaptations.

  • Strategic teaching of warfare elements within J-Space.

Fitting the bill:

All we ask is for you to participate where possible in important issues that arise, such as Home Defense, Strategic Operations of which help us maintain and grow our Corporation as well as ensuring we can stick around and upgrade the benefits we can provide to our members; if you are not a self-sufficient player already, that is fine; We can help you get there.

I mean, if you prefer to just login, join fleet and blow things up - then more power to you, because that’s what we enjoy most.

^(Discord activity is not mandatory!) ^()^(, however it is appreciated when you show your face and get involved with us as people, rather than just seeing you in our Corp window! //) ^() ^(Discord is however, mandatory, when in fleet or undocked in hostile space! //)

Papers, Please:

If you wish to join us, please join our discord server

Closed due rendundancy with Shadow Legion Y - EVE's Premiere Newbro Wormhole PVP corp.

Please avoid double Postings in the Future. One Recruitment Thread per Project should be enough.