To the players

Most of y’all don’t know me, and have probably never ran into me.
I’ve been playing right around 4 years, and I’ve moved around a lot. Numerous corps, different sides of highsec and null, and with many characters. I find that the skill queue is what I like to mess with, oftentimes learning skills I’ll probably never use.
I recently unsubbed all 10 of my accounts, after years of production and harvesting. To remain competitive, I’d have to invest more time in game than I do my full-time job.
These years of playing eve have taught me a very important lesson. This game sucks at times, but you’ll never find a better community. Sure, there are salty trolls and a holes, but there are also people from all walks of life with experiences that I find intriguing.
The game is stagnant, even with the recent changes. The rich get richer, the poor buy Plex.
The community is the real game, so take some time to appreciate each other, regardless of your playstyle.




If you treat internet spaceships like it’s a job and burn out because your competitive edge eventually slips due to changes within your niche, or because micromanaging 10 accounts no longer makes sense given that you have a real life that perhaps doesn’t provide you with the bandwidth for it, that’s entirely on you. I’m not sure why you felt the need to make a forum post about it, though. This is all very standard.

Anyway, goodbye and good luck!


What Is the point of this? :thinking:


I am not sure that I agree with this statement. But then, in one so young (that’s me by the way, in game time) it seems new players get to inherit cynicism with this game, rather than grow into it.

I do not doubt that you could take just one of those accounts and get something out of it. Even just “do your own thing”. In fact, maybe learn your own lesson and don’t try and be competitive. Just “lose”, and shrug, and move on?


We Do, that is why We trash talk against each others gameplay.:wink:

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Well, there’s different ways to do industry. It sounds like you were going all out, but at the other end of the spectrum, you have people doing it semi-passively. So, you could always try adapting your strategy to the amount of time you’re willing spend. You could also do something else. I did industry for my first year and half, and while I enjoyed it, I was getting burnt out, and tired of spending most of my time docked up, by myself, updating market orders and spreadsheets.

Anyway, you might want to make sure that you put your stuff in a safe place so it will be waiting for you if you decide to come back.

Nowhere is safe.


I like how some people still camp with battleships in low sec, and then are hot dropped by the multiple stealth bombers and their expensive ships for which they must have gathered ISK for few hours are blown out of the space within few seconds.

But ISK is not the issue here, you cant produce those battleships from scratch as fast as it can be destroyed. This means the shortage can be created to then introduce ships sold for real cash.


Literally any ship can be killed by a bunch of other ships.

Except Winmatar… WINMATAR!!!


Gave you a like for saying:

Except Winmatar… WINMATAR!!!


Mass Exodus. Thanks CCP for giving us a socialist Utopia and becoming anti pvp and pro multi-boxer monopolies.

I was exploded twice in the last hour, so yes it is a Utopia.

No one make fun of my Arty Rifter fit. Okay?

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