After a long breather I decided to quit eve for good


just wanted to get out there that I feel 12 times better since I decided to throw this game in the garbage bin. Its such a nice feelings so incredible. I been ganked robbed from my isk betrayed. I wasted so many hours on this game ^^. Thanks ccp for ruining the fun I had. Just a reminder wanted to get this out so people who struggle in game dont waste more time on it. Cause ccp deserves none of it.


Can I have your stuff ? :smiley:

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ganked, and robbed are apart of eve… sorry you didn’t want to participate in that aspect and rob people in return, but thats the cruel nature of eve…id tell you to go play hello kitty online, but its offline.

We need more details, you cant leave us hanging with half a story . Whats the backstory to the ragequit, were there killmails :).

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Biomass or this is a farce.

Triglavian outfit checks out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I have your stuff. I am loving EVE at the moment.

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Hello right back at you. Let us ie me (and hopefully, also you) break down what you posted. I am curios about some of the details.

Good. Glad to hear that things have improved for you.

However, having scanned these forums in the past, it has always intrigued me why you and other people need to share that you are leaving. Are you really trying to encourage other people to join you, and leave too?

You do what is right for you. And well done for having done so.

In that context, I suspect what @zazzmatazz_Xu says is probably correct - biomass your character(s) so that you cannot come back to the game. At least, not easily. I understand a little (possibly, a lot) about addictive behavior. So, if you feel that strongly about leaving this game, then do it “properly”.

What you do with any game items before you biomass is of course completely up to you. The simplest thing is just to trash them. Second simplest is probably just contract them to someone. You can of course also donate isk and plex but that’s a bit of effort, to collect everything together, convert to isk and plex, set up contracts etc etc.

This is the disconnect that I do not understand. I suspect this is also what @Aaaarrgg might be referring to. What’s the connection between getting ganked, CCP and the fact you did have fun at one point? Ganking has always been allowed, so what has changed? What has CCP done that has now specifically diminished your fun? I just do not understand.

I most definitely disagree with @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras though. Just because other people are low-life, scum-sucking pond dwellers (pointing no elbows) does not mean that you or anyone else needs to also be that in order to enjoy EvE. Rise above the fray. There is nothing stopping you from being the free-wheeling, kind, space-loving pilot that you want to be. (Albeit, an occasionally dead one.)

Well, when we see that @History_en_Chalune has indeed been biomassed we will know that your struggles are indeed over. Farewell. Travel safe.

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