By the time you read this, I am gone


I just biomassed my character this morning. I won’t be returning.

The game was fun but some of you vets out there have forgotten what it was like to be new once and full of questions like I am (or was).

I know n00b questions can be annoying. You probably know most of the answers and how to do things like it was instinct so hearing someone ask what you think is so obvious can be really annoying.

I am not you though and n00bs like me dont have all the answers yet or know what to do. EVE is a pretty complex game and sometimes we really need a helping hand from vets like you. There is no need to namecall or roll your eyes, wonder where common sense went, or insult players like me when we ask questions. I got a lot of that from quite a few of you out there while in rookiechat channel. Not saying all you vets are like that. Some of you have been really nice to me but there have been a few that have made me too nervous to ask questions because I’ll get the gears again.

That hurt my game progress and it got to the point where I could not continue.

I leave these vets with these final points. If you don’t like the questions of some n00bs who you find annoying always asking questions just block. No one is asking you to help. I am just pleading with you to be understanding with us and more patient while we try to figure things out in game.

At a time where the game is hitting the big 2 oh mark I think new player retention is important.

Sorry if this is a ramble. I have never been good with words.

No hard feelings and I wish you good health and happiness out of game and tons of fun playing in the space sandbox.


Sorry to see you go, but if you decide return in future stay away from the Corp or Local Chat and stay connected to Rookie Chat. I have been playing Eve now for almost 2 years and I am still connected to Rookie Chat and I will reconnect even if they kick me off. Except for the ISD’s that clamp down on a little cheerful banter (ISD’s why so serious…) any question I have ever had I got answered in there almost immediately and there are some seriously experience players in there.

Some night I just sit in station and watch rookie chat, answer stuff I know and learn by watching other people’s questions and the answers they get. Although I have played for almost 2 years I learn about 3 weeks ago how to manually pilot my ship using “Q”. Before I use to use the “approach”, “keep distance”, “orbit” and “warp to” commands.

Rookie Chat is the bee’s knees.


The people being mean and calling you names are, with a very small number of outliers, not vets. They’re just high-sec or null-sec carebears who are pretending to be vets in order to be able to lord their authority over newer players (because they don’t have the ability to do it anywhere or over anyone else). There are also some fifth column elements present in the form of EVE rejects/failures who are sticking around in order to try to hurt the game by affecting its player retention.

Sorry dawg, but you were tricked.


Clearly not. Bye!


Just wondering: what was the reason you left the game? Just the unhelpfulness of some veteran players in rookie help, or are there other reasons as well?

I rarely see namecalling or eyerolling in rookie help, players are mostly just helpful apart from a few trolls every now and then. But looking past the hostility against beggars, spammers and other players who break the rules of rookie chat, I haven’t seen any hostility at all when I am there.

If you would give the game another try, try to ignore the mean people on the internet. The internet is full of mean people, but there are other people as well who are just really helpful and would like you and other new players to fly spaceships with them so everyone has more ships to shoot.

And if not, bye!


Looking at his zkill he’s either an alt creating drama or some newbie who got helped and taken along a lot but apparently it’s not good enough, to then create drama.

This whole “I’ll be gone when you read this” reeks of drama and attention seeking.


If Rookie Help is too rough for them, then it’s best they just go away before they discover local chat or Mining chat.


I would say that the “lul bye” thing is perfectly trite and exemplary of why EvE has such trouble keeping new players retained (or why there is the perception of such) if it werent for the fact that this is almost certainly a drama-alt.

Which is another reason why EvE has that perception. When a games forums get more attention than the in game activity, its not a good sign.


Wait wait… you quit because some jerks made snide remarks on your questions? :sweat_smile:
Don’t you know there are no stupid questions, especially in EVE and that those who made fun of you are the idiot ones?
How easily swayed and discouraged can you be?
If your skin is so thin then maybe EVE isn’t the game for you.


Thread moved to OOPE.

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I’m conflicted about the thread move.

On one hand, this thread is clearly about EVE.

On the other, the OP is indeed out of a pod now.


I’ve encountered similar myself. But…Eve is a place where you really have to become a bit like Khan in the Star Trek film. To me the entire game is all about being able to one day return and blap that vet who laughed at you. It may take patience, and it will certainly take time…but what keeps the most aspiring noobs going is the firm belief that one day, that day will come…


My take based on my interactions with this player.

I’ve seen him in Rookie Chat regularly asking questions about the game. He was never mistreated by any of the players. I’m not saying he’s exaggerating if not outright lying: I never seen it happen to him. It could have happened while I was not online. I remember a couple of times this was done to me, but I have a thick skin and ignore it. Gaming culture brings out the worse in some players who worship on one knee at the altar of the “Git Guud Nub” Church of Latter Day Saints.

His questions were always answered, sometimes in duplicate or triplicate. I even answered a couple of them.

I also recall one time he was getting frustrated trying to understand the objective of a mission and asked for clarification. I will admit the way the presentation makes the mission a little hard to follow. Before some of you jump in screaming “Reading Is Fundamental!”, I agree that if you take the time to read the mission requirements, you’re fine.

During the Frigate Free 4 All event, he and the alt I created for that event chatted in Ouelletta local before it started. He seemed enthusiastic about PvPing because he didn’t wait for a frigate to be handed to him: he kept undocking in a corvette to engage other players while my alt patiently waited in station for her next frigate. He later EVEMailed my alt that he had a great time, but left after his pod was shot at (a no-no by the event hosts).

Following that weekend, he would send the odd EVEMail to my alt, asking how I was doing and telling me what he was up to. In one EVEMail, he said he found player corporations tough to handle because he didn’t want to relocate far from other players he fleeted with. In another he told me he quit a corporation because the CEO was rough on him in Corp chat for refusing to use Discord during a fleet mission. That might explain his forum post suggesting a corporation invite block flag be added as a feature in the game. That’s speculation on my part, so take that with a grain of salt.

Last night, he sent my alt an EVEMail saying he is leaving the game (no reason stated) and wished me well. I found in my alt’s wallet a player donation of slightly over 12 million ISK from him. Today I logged on EVE with my laptop during my lunchbreak and confirmed he biomassed.

I’ve seen a few here make speculations about him being an alt troll causing drama, but the conclusion I would draw is he had trouble getting traction and couldn’t find the answers and the community support needed to fix that. This does not mean that it was the game’s fault, that it was the community’s fault, that it was the fault of those vets that (allegedly) repeatedly ragged him, or that it was even his fault. It means EVE Online caters to a specific niche and it was not a fit for him.

As capsuleers, we know how important a good fit is in order to survive New Eden.


I agree with this! Some new arrivals can make quite a name for themselves, and it doesn’t take that long. A certain terror in Uedama comes to mind…

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Now we see why CCP wants to sell packs to players like this - not everybody is EVE material, and it is good to make a quick buck off of them before they throw up their hands and quit.

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You’ve hit it on the head as far as I’m concerned. I just hope EVE servers don’t shut down before my vengeance is complete.

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OMG, I can see you rolling your eyes at him, you MONSTER!! :slight_smile:

stopped reading. did you leave rookie chat and expect everyone to hold your hand? the eve community, though toxic in some ways, is usually very helpful. You don’t need to tell people you’re a quitter.

Mining chat is extremely civil and follows all the rules. We help everyone with everything, including how to eat soup.

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I’m kinda sad what happened to mining chat LOL.