By the time you read this, I am gone

Nothing has happened. We’re still there.

(perk) What kind?

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If you ever do return, don’t biomass again. No one appreciates it and at the end of the day it doesn’t contribute to anything outside of vainly expressing discontent since no one cares. Also, after a certain amount of time rookie chat kicks you out so you didn’t see everyone…

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during the Incarna protest some players who were leaving biomassed their chars not because they thought others would care but because they no longer cared about playing.

this one had a month and a half of employment on his character. he wont come back to go through the tutorial & career agent missions again as a new player especially after what he supposedly went through.

What, exactly, did he go through? People on the internet not being nice?

It ain’t the same tho.

Oh, I dunno. I’m there every day, nearly all day. Nothing has really changed except a few skinheads banned from the channel.
I suppose the only real change is that people that have never been to mining chat before go in there to rage against isd’s and act like they’ve been there the whole time.

Oh I’m glad the racists are gone. I do miss our stirring chats about religion tho LOL.

I think that is what he said but I added the supposedly becuase I wasn’t there and according to @Yonniya_Rainor no one was giving him any grief.

Mining chat is awsome! Maybe the best chat of all ^^

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During my visits I saw no one harassing him. That does not mean proof he is lying. It could have happened while I was not online.

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EVE is not for everyone, if he can’t handle it this game is clearly not for him and as such even if sad to see a player leave it is the better for all involved, he himself and the rest of the players. Better for OP to find something he enjoys and spend time on that instead. Good luck finding that may it be a game or other hobby. o/


Where did you get that T-shirt from?


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My alt would really like that.

Thanks for sharing!

I understand this individual’s frustration.

I also find this game, while very enjoyable, confusing sometimes, so I ask lots of questions in Rookie Chat Channel. Sometimes it upsets the more senior players who retort an insult. I sometimes get a rebuke from the ISDs stating that’s not within the scope of the channel, but as a new player how would I know what is not a “rookie question” when everything to me is new?

It got to the point where I now only ask my questions either in the forums or with those I play with. While I am not asking for the game to be made simpler ---- that would hurt the game — I think if perhaps some players were more forgiving and remembered they were once new as well, the author of this post would still be here today.

Rookie chat is a toxic mess, and poorly moderated.

And the worst offenders are “veteran experts” who offer crappy advice, insult new players for asking questions, and pretend to hold some sort of authority in the channel. Woe behold anyone that calls them out in their BS.

Don’t take it personally. These people have failed at playing the game, so now they haunt the rookie channel trying to make themselves feel better about their poor gameplay, and lack of understanding of basic mechanics while hiding behind a mask “wisened experience.” It’s total rubbish and nonsense.


This was my experience the brief day I dipped my head into the chat.

Concretely, a newbie asked “should I fit a MWD or an AB”? for a specific ship and a specific purpose. Another vet simply said two words “it depends”, as if that answered the newbies question, and undermined anyone else giving an answer with a variation of “their advice isn’t complete because it depends”. No more elaboration was offered than “it depends”, so for all we know this vet was talking about diapers he was wearing that were full of ■■■■ like his ego.

The “it depends” answer is the most egotistically safe (in case the vet finds themselves wrong) and the most useless for the newbie, who just wanted to undock and play the game. It’s endless repetition of being spammed in chat was doing nothing positive for the game except satisfying the utterer’s ego that they “were right” in an allegedly unassailable logical Position, when they were really just being an antisocial unhelpful dumb ass. I find this stupid self gratifying mentality all over the internet and I hate it in Rookie chat.

I concretely told the newbie one of the two just to get him out of the convo. I hinted at the mechanics that cause it “to depend” but just go and fly and get blown up and figure it out in due time.

And then I left. I bump into newbies in lowsec instead these days, and find those conversations way more productive.


The reasons you left are precisely the reasons I stay. Eve is all about not being a quitter.


Speaking as a still-newish-player, I would recommend you return to the Rookie Channel for the following reasons:

(1) Mike Azariah announces in Rookie Chat which rookie system his Magic School Bus will park and hand out free ships. These will make your journey in New Eden much easier. If you are no longer in the channel, then you miss his announcements and deny yourself those benefits.

(2) Most ISDs give excellent answers from my own experience, and any comments they make about keeping within the boundaries of what the channel is about is not meant to be taken personally. That’s what they are supposed to do.

I agree with Ax’l’s advice: don’t let comments from other players take away your enjoyment of this excellent game. Block them if necessary.