A last goodbye

First off, troll as much as you want, I won’t be replying

So, after just over 3 years of mostly daily EVE, I decided the time had come to stop.
Officially I stopped playing on the 15th, but due to a forum temp ban I wasn’t able to make a last hooray (huehuehue)

Personal and RL reasons mostly behind it.
I have left the game, but I’m still around on social medias and stuff.

So yeah… bye
(And no you can’t have my stuff… bunch of vultures :joy:)

What about your vintage SP? Can I have those?

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Well, there really is no winning Eve anymore when anyone can post on the forums and come and go from the game at will now.

If your RL situation changes, and/or you get the itch to return, there is always a place for you in New Eden.



I have won EVE for others, by getting rid of a cancer (I don’t need to say who heh)

That’s the best thing I’ve done imo :stuck_out_tongue:

Bow.I’ll take the time to fix stuff, and hopefully EVE will still be around if I decide to come back


You could always be like me. Not play at all but instead lurk the forums.


I honestly have no reason

Merc threads are not worth it,
CODE. threads always end up being the same,
Balance threads always end up being threads about ganking (?)

So yeah, I’d rather not post at all than getting a 90 day forum ban :wink:

And AFK cloaking. Ganking and AFK cloaking.

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Just come say hi, like and get likes!


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gl guy see ya later


I’m sorry Dom, but you can’t quit. You just go alpha this days. That’s how it works now. :wink:

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o7 and go safe mate. Come on back if/when you’re ready. If you find any good fun alternatives to Eve, come back and let us poor addicts know about them. :smile:

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You never really quit EVE, just take a break from it. That being said, I am still hoping for that guy who owes me 5B ISK to come back… :smiley:

So, good luck in your RL adventures and hope to see you soon™.


I can quit if I uninstall, forget my password, my email, etc :stuck_out_tongue:
who knows, maybe one day

@Captain_C0ld we’ll see how expensive geckos get during my long leave (it’s the only thing I’ll keep a tab on lol) :wink:

Hopefully you’re leaving with fond memories of your time in the game.

Good luck to you in RL.


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