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Ha! Got ya. :wink:

I think using a phrase that i have used for over 13 years makes a good title for a goodbye thread. :sweat_smile: With october 31st i will leave the EVE volunteer programm. As i study psychology next to my full time job, my schedule wont allow much spare time anymore and i had to decide on where my priotities are. But before time consumes me, lets do a little recap.

As a player, i found out about EVE when the game was in one of the latest beta phases. I startet playing it actively short after launch. What can i say, i love the idea of this universe, its creators and the community. Im still here as a player, but i do not play it as hardcore as i used to way back. :slight_smile:
In 2005 I applied to be part of a programm that was and still is called the Interstellar Services Department (ISD). Wrangler accepted my application back then, which still suprises me to this day. My english skills werent that good and i struggled a bit. But with time i improved and got better and better. Im still not perfect, but im proud of what i have accomplished. :slight_smile: I joined the original forum moderators on may 5th 2005. In my ISD carreer i have also been part of the bug hunters, the EVElopedia team and also did some localization.

If you want to try something new, have a sneak peak into the gaming industry and want to share your knowledge about EVE Online, i urge you to apply as a volunteer. It has been the best time of my gaming life. Maybe you will enjoy it too. Since there are quite a few teams around with different tasks, im sure there is something there for you.

So, before this gets to long of a wall of text i better stop. But not before i thank a few people. (And for the love of Bob could you please stop cutting onions?)

Dear CCP, thank you for your bravery on opening the EVE volunteer programm and keeping it running. Not every company would do that. I have worked with and met many of you in person. Heck, i even trained some of you guys before you became employees. (Which makes me quite proud to be honest). Over the time of 13 years, i have also seen many of you come and go. Be it Kieron, Wrangler, Pann, Phantom, Guard, Falcon, Logibro, Shadowcat, Shadow, Pyro, Vertex and the rest of the gang, it has been an honor working with you all. Special shoutout goes out to Goliath who has been my liaison for some time now. You are doing an awesome job with the CCL team. :slight_smile:

To my fellow ISD friends, it was my pleasure to be a part of this awesome and sometimes insane little family. Please do not loose your inner fire and passion. You make EVE a better place. I will miss all of you. Yes even you Thalack. :wink:

To the EVE community, what can i say. You kept me pretty busy and on my toes. We had good times and we also had bad times. But i wouldnt want to miss a day. You fueled my daily work on the forums and i always enjoy talking to you at player meets. Oh and you always rock those charity events. That is proof enough for me that this community is the best in the entire gaming scene.

Sincerly yours,


Got me :sweat_smile:


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Me too! :smile:

o7 Eshtir!

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Fair seas and following winds

Props to you for enduring some of the craziest people around heheh o7

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@ISD_Sakimura Please close this thread as the OP has requested it to be closed.


Haha, sad to see you go, although i cant remember if i ever saw you. Only person i have any interaction with is ISD Sakimura, and were best of friends last time i checked.

Hope you do well in life, and fly safe. o/

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Best of luck in your new adventures and thank you for being with us all these years! o7 :heart: :rocket: :sun_with_face:

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7o Good luck on your future adventures!

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Thank you Esh

Really Psychology??, why?.. :thinking:

Anywho have a good time in school, stay away from drugs,booze and loose women. Call mom and dad atleast once a month, so they know you are alive. Oh and study hard, listen to the teachers and professors…

Because one may think very much about our psychological conditions when reading these forums? :thinking:

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Thats not the reason. I have a huge interest in criminology and/or victimology. So psychology comes first and lets see where it takes me. :wink:


Fly safe and thank you for all you have done


Definitely gave good practice and essay material.

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Have fun :slight_smile:

Everything is psychology. Ever since we had the grand idea to split up the domain of sciences, resulting in a myriad of little kingdoms, a lot of people tend to forget that everything human - including everything created by humans - rests on behavioural, social, evolutionary and other aspects of human psychology.

If you want to have fun with that, just tackle an economist and engage in discussion on quantative analysis of economic behaviour :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ve had some insights with the petri dish of EVE Online as well :slight_smile:

Put it to good use. Alternate perspectives as well as positions, and do something with the advantage of having an eye in the land of the busy blind!

Eshtir, fly safe, thank you for all your efforts, best of luck in your studies, and hope to see you around some. And if you need case studies for your school projects, you know where to find us. :wink:

:lock: Can I have your stuff? :lock:

Hi ISD_Eshtir I don’t believe we have met but I’d like to wish you good luck with your studying and where ever that leads. Fly save and take care

Esh has left the building. o7