A thank you at the end of an era

Rather then let you go into semi-retirement silently, I’d like to seize the opportunity to thank you and your family for the effort you put into the creation and presentation of the Meta Show for nearly half a decade. “Half a decade” sounds so much better than 188 Saturdays, doesn’t it. I’m confident this period will be remembered as one of the Meta Show’s high points, and it will prove a challenge to equal or even surpass it.

I may not always have agreed with the Show’s (or your) standpoints on some aspects of the game, but it was always fun to watch you in action, and when appropriate it was a prime source of reliable information and analysis, or an entertaining piece of propaganda in a world of space ships blowing up. I trust it will remain that way in the future, and continue to be a fun poking, but also reliable, EvE related show.

Thank you again, sir, for all the energy you put into the program. That is worthy of a public thank you on Eve’s forum.

Hope to see Frank in the future, he’s part of the Eve culture now.

Best of luck to Dave Archer. May he get as much support (and the necessary flak of course) as his predecessor !


Thanks bro, I appreciate it.