So far

I’m absolutely loving this community!


You’re new, so we haven’t yet had a chance to destroy your faith in humanity. Give it time…


First is very true; second, I welcome the challenge friend.


This is a gud mth, no RL threats nor doxing.:roll_eyes:

(guess the mnth is not over yet…)

Anyways, last post for today, polishing up the medals n heading off for ANZAC Day. If you are a dozy Kiwi or Ozzi, get out n spt the pde. 07

Topic moved to Out of Pod Experience. I love you too!


Eve has a solid community, it has all kinds.

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And in another thread did somebody threaten me with this line:

No idea how I insulted him, nor how he is going to “end me”, but that’s EVE. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Come to LAGL sometimes, or to EVE Radio chat channel in game, dont be afraid to ask anything, \o/



We love you too OP :heart::heart::heart:

What are you up to in this game? Let me know if it is misery and destruction.


Not c&p?
Opportunity missed.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better community, despite what you might hear from the vocal minority.

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Well…there is the kenshin/GOTG/goons/sort dragon/boat mess going on, but since it’s not unfolding on the forums here…guess you’re kinda right.

Good to hear, OP. Keep up the good attitude.

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Ah the smell of a new pilot, untainted by EVE. I’ll give it a year before he is one of us, snarling at people that just glances at your ship. Or just eyeing everyone with suspicion, even close friends…

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