O/ 10 years in EVE pod me

well I have podded most of your alts , even if you wont publicly admit it.

10 years in EVE so time to give back ,

I’m undocked in Mad my home in my pod

Pod me \o/ its my 10 years birthday seem like time to give some pod goo back after 10000 pod kills or more on ARG alone , don’t ask about alts.

if you wish to pod me with implants convo me first and contract me them and ill die in them


Happy Birthday!!!

Amazing! :smiley: Grats for 10 years! :smiley:

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Happy B-Day! - i saw you yesterday somewhere in Domain looking for someone to pod you! lol
Btw, your name reminds me of an old Amiga game! am i wrong? :slight_smile:

I hope you realize that they will do unspeakable things to your corpses.

It’s my birthday too :open_mouth: Can you contract me an Aaaarrgg corpse? It would take pride of place in my collection :slight_smile:

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Do yourself a favor and go outside and do some sports mate.

Congratulations, here’s to your next 10,000! :rofl:


You’ve just devalued all of the Aaaarrgg corpses that are lying in stations.

I’m pretty sure I have a few from my highsec days.

You leave my alts alone please! Congrats and keep up the good pew-pew!

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