A Pale Rider departes into the sunset. o7

I was introduced to Eve in a Veterans Hospital whilst convalescing. I played on a crappy laptop, settings all set to potato. It was invaluable escapism during a painful time. A few years latter I came back to Eve whilst studying at Uni. I love playing Eve and its community. However it is addictive like a drug.

Current RL time pressures prohibit more than forum reading at work, but even that is unprofessional, and the Forums are addictive in their own right.

I have enjoyed conversing with you all, even Codies. And respect Falcons moderation reference the last thread I created in Out of Pod Experiences. ( it was as if my subconscious was saying I have to go, RL is calling )

This is my main, I will be closing all five omega accounts and selling my Big Toys in Low.

Someone deserving in the next few weeks will have a few iskies dropped in their account. Enjoy the surprise.

A big plug for the veterans Discord Channel and Vet Incursion groups, I valued chewing the fat.

I tried to play in the spirit of Veers (but without his gud nature on the Forums). I hope another Pale Rider arrives in C&P to take his place.

All players must leave Eve eventually, like faint memories of daring do in locked forgotten threads.

Best wishes. Hope Eve gets bigger and better in the future.




May one acquire your personal effects, since their value to yourself is now negligible?

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Take care out there in the scary world

You’ll be back soon enough :wink:

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Also, “I quit”-threads don’t belong here. They belong into OoPE just for the record.

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Not I Quit post.

I luv Eve post but must depart.:grinning:


Of course it is … :smile:

Who cares

If ccp want to moderate/move it they will…
Stop being a pseudo forum moderator

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Stop being a whiner.

And no :kissing_heart:


Send purple my way,


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So @Fawx_Kion

If I get this right you’re Nitshe & co?

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Fly safe and thanks for your service o7

Anyways time to depart.

Hey Falcon you :rainbow: :unicorn:!!! I :cupid: Alex Jones, the Donald AND Putin.


( teleport me to RL scotty )


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gf, there, guy
gl irl
Thanks for contributing to the game and its communities.

07 Rock of the Marne

Fly Safe o7

Best of luck o7



Go take care of yourself. The game will be here if you ever find the need of an escape again. The big thing is to not let it consume you.

If you haven’t already, I suggest throwing that isk/assets of yours to someone from that Veteran’s channel - sounds like you may have some people in there that have helped you out or may be in need of help there. if you truly don’t think you’ll want to return some time down the road. Otherwise like I tell anyone leaving the game, it’s usually just a break, leave yourself enough startup capital for when that day comes.

Veers No Newbro Left Behind initiative will live on forever