Uninstalled. Warning EVE will kill all gaming

Eve is clearly centered around Griefing is players to spend money. Eve Ruined video gaming for me entirely. I never really enjoyed one day and after sitting and putting all the time and effort Training skills buying isk because you can’t earn any isk in eve hoping someday something would not lead to some positive conclusion’
Broken Mission Broken story lines Broken development and Grief CCP is not coders CCP is Iclandic drunks. I had hoped they sell the platform to real game developers now i will never return to see it. uninstalled the poorly developed grief monger platform.
I will never invest time into a game like i did eve.
i never really enjoyed one session in eve and i payed and payed anyway… This is why i feel like a gambler with a bad addiction EVE online is a ■■■■ development and is NO i repeat is NOT a game it is a poorly developed Griefing platform riddled with fuckery only to cause grief and cause players to spend money they will cheat to take. CCP is owners of a broken platform poor developers . Don’t let Eve online ruin gaming for you entirely get out while you can still find something else

https://zkillboard.com/kill/89359029/ 6 years stuck in null. warped to random ping i had made 300 KM off gate still got in drag bubble aligned to the gate… Uninstalled CCP fed me to grievers just like it does ever chance it gets.

This will be the last time i log into the Grief Mongers Poor excuse for game development.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/60974529/ I quit for 4 years and came back for WWB2 mistake will not happen again.
CCP is grief mongers not developers

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Bubbles drag out 500km, btw.


I can already smell incoming “Can I have your stuff” posts.

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I see the PA/CCP apologist is the first to respond. As usual.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Take your green or purple hair with you!

I posted this
Since CCP is cheating at their own game can we have Cryo-Stasis Mode to suspend Omega time
Added to the Eve Portal. Add an option to suspend Omega then you can break eve all you want. Eve would have a lot less negative impact on my personal life.
6 days 14 days 30 days 90 days and 365 days. The feature could have a message feedback to let players that message me see when i plan to return.
I could use this for vacation work sickness family emergency / protest broken game features or updates that affected my content greatly. to wait for incomplete content to finish or get fixed. PC issues info structure collapse.

Many things about paying for omega time give me anxiety. paying for more than 30 days at a time is hard when i don’t know what I’m doing for the next 6 months let alone when i have no idea what you could pull in the next 6 weeks.
I just think its good on many levels and with Covid cases spiking and what is being effected. Cryo-stasis could offer players real flexibility in unprecedented times.
I no longer desire to pay to test a grief platform. Cryo stasus my account and put me on approach to Caroline Star. Ill be back if you Finish breaking eve and start Fixing it.

DEV blocked the post said it recommended transactions … but It does not they DEVs are idiots and griefers after they tole me to post it The lied cheated and took it down
I am nEver returning to eve online
CCP is liars cheater thieves and stupid

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If you’ll be leaving… Can I have your stuff! :crazy_face::yum:

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I would not with that on my worst enemy. get out of eve online. I will not perpetuate CCP abuse on someone else i deleted all characters. If i reinstall ever i am just confirming deleting characters
I will never install that client again.

So why are you still here? I mean, fine … Your out of here and I understand. But I still enjoy this game… so it’s goodbye from me and a goodbye from you … Merry Christmas


Make sure to unsubscribe to avoid recurring charges

You played a game you didn’t like at all for 6 years, then quit because you put 2 billion in a T1 hauler and were ubersaltysurprised it got popped?


Merry Christmas and I hope you find a game that suits your tastes as Eve is probably not it.

via con dios



First of all, can i have your stuff?

Second, dont let the door hit you.

Did you know, that you can play Eve for free, forever, as alpha clone? You can play as little as you want and only as much as you enjoy it.
Did you also understand that the problem is less the game and more you being stupid/not understanding the game?

You also didnt explain, why Eve is killing all gaming, you just combined random buzzwords and formed some kind of word chains, but they make no sense.

Anyways, before i wast any word on somebody, that made up his mind:
Fly safe and have fun in other games, Eve doesnt seem to fit you and thats fine.


Too late got there first :relieved::crazy_face:

Play alpha for free… Good point well presented

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Getting abused by Poor game developers with no talent is not my thing no…
Being Grived into paying to test a broken game the developers have no idea how to fix no…
You are right Being stolen from and cheated by abusive poor developers
is not my thing so Eve is probably not my thing

Eve will Ruin all games after my time in CCP grief platform i will never subscribe to anything CCP ruined gaming for me entirely


You’ve been a player for how long did you say?
I’m pretty sure it’s exactly your thing.


its called investment Bias: when you keep going with something because you’re already in CCP feeds on this its actually abuse of a psychosis they cause. Its what you have to do when you create crap developments

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