What EvE is all about

EVE is a dark and harsh world, you’re supposed to feel a bit worried and slightly angry when you log in, you’re not supposed to feel like you’re logging in to a happy, happy, fluffy, fluffy lala land filled with fun and adventures, that’s what hello kitty online is for.

  • CCP Wrangler

Many, especially on this Forum have been whining that EvE Online is too hard and things should be made more comfortable.
There are allready more then enough games out there that hold your hand when you fall down, help you up, get rid of the dirt for you and send you on with a pat on your shoulder.

EvE does mean “Everyone versus Everyone”.

I think that CCP Falcon got to the core of EvE in this post in the old Forums:

Okay, so what follows is entirely my personal opinion.

It’s not a case of not “catering to the tearfilled entitled”, it’s a case of us staying true to the core of what EVE was built on.

Some of the people complaining in this thread have valid points about the fact that they don’t feel safe. Simple fact of the matter is, that you’re not suppose to feel safe in New Eden.

Eve is not a game for the faint hearted. It’s a game that will chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye if you even think about letting your guard down or becoming complacent.

While every other MMO starts off with an intro that tells you you’re going to be the savior of the realm, holds your hand, protects you, nurtures your development and ultimately guides you to your destiny as a hero along with several other million players who’ve had the exact same experience, EVE assaults you from the second you begin to play after you create a character, spitting you out into a universe that under the surface, is so complex that it’s enough to make your head explode.

The entire design is based around being harsh, vicious, relentless, hostile and cold. It’s about action and reaction, and the story that unfolds as you experience these two things.

True, we’re working hard to lower the bar of entry so that more players can enjoy EVE and can get into the game. Our NPE (New Player Experience) is challenging, and we’re trying to improve it to better prepare rookies for what lies out there, but when you start to play eve, you’ll always start out as the little fish in the big pond.

The only way to grow is to voraciously consume what’s around you, and its your choice whether that happens to be New Eden’s abundant natural resources, or the other people who’re also fighting their way to the top.

EVE is a playing experience like no other, where every action or reaction resonates through a single universe and is felt by players from all corners of the word. There are no shards here, no mirror universes, no instances and very few rules. If you stumble across something valuable, then chances are someone else already knows where you are, or is working their way toward you and you better be prepared to fight for what you’ve discovered.

EVE will test you from the outset, from the very second you undock and glimpse the stars, and will take pleasure from sorting those who can survive from those who’d rather curl up and perish.

EVE will let you fight until you collapse, then let you struggle to your feet, exhausted from the effort. Then when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel it’ll kick you flat on your ass in the mud again and ask you why you deserve to be standing. It’ll test you against every other individual playing at some point or another, and it’ll ask for answers.

Give it an answer and maybe it’ll let you up again, long enough to gather your thoughts. After a few more steps you’re on the ground again and it’s asking more questions.

EVE is designed to be harsh, it’s designed to be challenging, and it’s designed to be so deep and complex that it should fascinate and terrify you at the same time.

Corporation, Alliances and coalitions of tens of thousands have risen and fallen on these basic principles, and every one of those thousands of people has their own unique story to tell about how it affected them and what they experienced.

That’s the beauty of EVE. Action and reaction. Emergence.

Welcome to the most frightening virtual playground you’ll ever experience.

  • CCP Falcon

Maybe this post will clear up some missinterpretation for those that have the wrong impression what EvE is meant to be and the whining will get a bit less.

If being kicked in the guts, from a passerby, while already lying on the ground is completely incomprehensible for you - you probably shouldn’t be playing EvE.

Sorry for the harsh words that I use, but I felt them being necessary, after all they are (apart from the quotes) solely my personal opinion.

Fly safe, fly dangerous, fly fearless - fly the way you want to fly (as long as the Rules and Game-Mechanics allows for it, and it isn’t considered an Exploit :sunglasses: ).

'nough said.


well don’t lay down on the ground then silly!


EvE Online: Play now, and get rekt if you has no money!

That’s pretty much sum it up. I doubt there is even a test somewhere in the game. (does it?)

We’ve already established that EVE Online does in fact market itself just the same way that every other MMO does, and that CCP Falcon and CCP whoever are a bunch of BS.

Read the OP of this thread for a quick refresher on how BS what CCP Falcon says is: Why does High-Sec Exist?

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Far too much risk!

–Standing Gadget

Even if it’s marketed as something it is not, why don’t you just move on once you find out what it is? EVE won’t change because of random people trying it out and not liking it.


I taught people played games because games are fun but if eve is supposed to be boring and shitty who would enjoy that ? Maybe Self hating people would enjoy a boring game. Yes eve is not supposed to be happy go lucky but I be damn It should at lest be fun and full of adventures the reason people like star trek,Star wars,The expanse or fire fly is because the adventures and action and horror of space.

So if eve is not supposed to be fun and full of adventures your not making a good game people hate boring games that´s why allot of games die if they are boring suck or are broken to hell so CCP Wrangler should proboly say more like eve is not supposed to friendship is magic full with rainbow and fluff but it´s damn supposed to be a fun game you enjoy full of dark and gritty adventures you enjoy.

Some people enjoy the challenge of EVE which is “boring and shitty gameplay” in the eyes of others. EVE is not for everyone and it differs from all the other games. That’s why opinions about EVE are very polarised - you either really like it or really hate it.


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Yes but it´s sounded more like eve is supposed to be boring and bad rather than challenging im talking boring as in watching the pain dry boring yes some people dislike challnge but CCP Warngler made it sound more like eve is not supposed to be fun at all.

Eve should be fun and not boring, right now I find eve to be both being someone who love games like wing commander, freelancer and X series, I do enjoy eve but I do find combat to be a bit on the shitty side but that´s becuse I grew up more with the more interactive combat where you need to aim your self to hit something in away eve´s combat is kind meh I don´t hate it but it´s not as fun and interactive as the games I grew up with EVE´s combat feels more lazy at least for me.

What is funny is last night running a Hunt site I got jumped by a T3 Hecate in my BC Cyclone. He caught me with my salvage drones out, and looting the field and with half shields. I wasnt mad when he destroyed my ship and cost me nearly 300mil isk in loot. I actually said GF, and laughed about it. Chatted with him a bit as I waited at the gate for the aggression timer to go away. And went back to station and fitted another JUST like the one I lost.

I actually was more impressed with the way that ship performed in PVP. I expected it to fail horribly. But it actually did well, and had I actually been faster I might have won that fight.

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In America that’s a crime, its called FRAUD.

And to address both of the above quotes at once: BECAUSE IT’S INHUMAN TO ACCEPT SUCH TREATMENT.

As is patently evident, CCP and EVE Online go to great extent to market EVE Online as if its just like every other MMO on the market. CCP and EVE Online go to great lengths to convince potential players that they can play in peace and in NON-pvp activities!

CCP and EVE Online can NOT market its so-called “PvP” because NO ONE would buy a game designed for Cyberbullies and Psychotics.

LOL don’t accept it then. No one is forcing you to play the game FFS.

So no one is enjoying the game and no one is buying it? What?


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This is one of those obvious instances in which you are reading out of context and the implications of a statement escape you.

From the Context:

  1. CCP misinforms potential players. and this misleading marketing has been engaged in since EVE was created.
  2. The game is “designed” for Cyberbullies and Psychotics

These two things do NOT add up to “nobody is playing and enjoying” the game therefore you can NOT infer that from what I’ve said.

Who enjoys EVE Online? Cyberbullies and Psychotics.
Who plays EVE Online? Cyberbullies, Psychotics and the millions of people that CCP misleads with their absolutely FALSE and MISLEADING marketing.

Hey, Gadget. the EVE forums say, you are typing a reply.
Hope its not directed at me. Because no matter who you direct your reply to, I’m NOT reading it. At all.

–Gadget gets dissed in advance.

The reason for that is because your ‘context’ is completely bonkers…

The game was designed for the ultimate (more or less) freedom in a video game.
The market is as laissez faire as you can get (or pretty close).
And while there are different systems of EvE where there is more structure than others, a player is in no way beholden to any particular area of space. They can find the right amount of structure they prefer.

And EvE has always been marketed with PVP in mind since day one.
They even offer a handy FAQ explaining that no matter what you choose to do in game, player combat may be one warp (or warp in) away.

Here’s the first EvE ad to show up in my quick google search:

EVE Online - Play for Free | Choose Your Endless Adventure‎
Explore multiple paths and careers in a vast universe, nothing is set in stone.
3500+ war declarations · 1600 ships made per hour · Make an impact in EVE
Types: PvE, PvP, MMO

Nothing false there.
Try it for free to see if you like it.
Nothing is set in stone.
War decs right there in print.
Types: PvE, PvP, MMO

Yeah… a game that appeals only to Cyber-Bullies and Psychotics.

I guess cyberbullies and psychotics enjoy:

  • A laissez faire economy (or as close as we can get).
  • PVP (the pew-pew type) that has consequences other than just stats and achievement points.
  • Competition between players in all aspects of the game.
  • Watching an interesting socio-economic experiment unfold right before your eyes.
  • Long term strategy.

–Gadget wonders what normal gamers enjoy




the only “BS” here is whatever you are saying.

the old game intro has a line “Conflicts that last for centuries” that should have been your first sign. As for your quote “On the strength of your wings the fate of empires and hopes of worlds will be decided. Take control of the destiny that is rightfully yours” well lets just say that is far more true in eve than any other game I’ve played. Giant player run empires have come and gone, the null landscape changed significantly a bunch of times. Take a game like Rift, they said it was a dynamic world and what they meant by that was events would sometimes spawn, which is far less interesting than multiple 1000 man fleets fighting for control of a system.

Then the apocrypha video straight up says there are going to be other players to compete with. And sure it suggests there are non violent paths and there are, but it never said you are immune and no one can do violence to you.

I read that as eve is not filled of fun npc curated adventures like most other games. Sure eve has some elements of that, with missions and epic arcs, but that only gets you so far. Most of the adventure in eve comes from the environment and what you want to do, and of course other players can interact with you on that journey, and that interaction is the interesting part. Lets look at Destiny where by lore your character is the chosen one, everything in the game world is because your character did it. You can just queue up for 20 minute adventures with other players, and then most of the people you play with you never see again.

no not rely most people in eve would not even have the balls to behave like they do in eve, in real life. Eve is a game where your allowed to play and behave almost however you wan´t more freely than you would do in real life your have your avatar no one knows who you are which make people behave in another ways which often brings out the bad side of people but you see that in all mmos heck you even see peoples bad sides on youtube or Facebook.

Eve freely lets you be that pirate scum you can not be in real life which is the point of video game allowing you to do things you normally can not do in real life like be a super hero or a pirate fight aliens or others.

What I could argue about is some eve players love blood and fights a bit to much I would worry that they have some real issues.

I would say a good game alone or with friends.

One wonders what that makes you, presuming you actually play it of course.