My eve feedback

Every once in a while im in mood to play game like eve so I made this list below to make sure remind myslelf what am I getting into.

-EVE is run by company whos owners primary objective is milking money. They dont care about making great games. They only care to make game just “good enough” to keep players pay.
Therefore EVE will never be great 9/10 or 10/10 game. And I when I say owners, that does not include CCP employees

-Eve is very uniqe so if you are in mood to play someting like EVE there is really not any clone to chose from. And this is mostly negative thing

-EVE is indirect pay to win game no matter what fan boys will tell you. EVE is not about wining 1on1 hornoable duels PVPs. 99% PVPers chicken out if they see equal ship type with possible PVP fit.

Whole skill and levaling system is pointless if you are very wealthy person in reall life. Fan boys will again argument how low SP amonut character beats Higher SP character. I dont buy this argument.
Why to bother to have any skill system at all if SP does not matter ?

Characters trading for ISK and skill injectors - they sux. Its better to have this than ilegal sites but it still sux. CCP should focus more on thinking how to catch cheaters not legalizing it for $$$

-EVE balance - this is true for all MMOS. I dont like when game rules are changed durring the game (nerfs or bufs of existing mehanics too much).
Its like F1 race where organizers have remote control that can decrease engine power in any car durring the race as they please, to create “more fun and balanced experience”

-EVE bots or chaters, reall money ISK traders - no need commets. I wonder how many % super rich players got ISK via game play. How many used tricks casinos or corporations of bots. And how manny justs legaly exploited other players to make ISK for them.

-EVE fun to time invested ratio is very poor.
I have as much fun and gaming experience from 30 minutes starcraft game as from 4 hours of EVE.

-Eve will affect yours reall life and shedule very easily. Its not very good for people that have active reall life.
Omega time - I dont know in advance if I will have 1 hour per month free for eve or if will have 3 weeks. Activating sub makes me feel pressured that I have to play just to not waste my 15$ and thats bad.

-Multiboxing and multiple accounts is important thing - Game is made way so its feasible to play multiple characters at same time. Also owning another 20 alphas alts is also handy …
This “feature” is turning eve into something bizarre. People having alts guarding borders as some intel drones or using them for trading or mining at same time and gain ISK faster.

-EVE world economy is too old it was not designed to last so many years. When I play as new player I get majority of money from other random strangers instead of working my way up. There have to be zilions of ISK on inactive players accounts. Iv been given gifts from stranger from 10 to 500 Mil ISK.

-EVE population is like society that has 80% high income class citizens 10% middle class 10 % ultra rich. Low class is nearly non existing. This makes new players feel like they will never catch up without 1000$ worth of cheats and old players like they have not achived anything speciall
Game should be balanced way to make it exponentialy more and more dificult and expensive to hoard and keep larger and larger wealth and teritory for prolonged time.

-EVE is very old and and offers litle oportunity to improve eficiency or to discover some radicaly new unique clever way to do things that was not already discovered and made public.
I find discovering how to improve and finding new better ways to do stuff bigest fun on gaming. But it aint so fun if you know 99% of peple already know this from internet.

Server restart time is affecting gameplay.

concept of local system chat rooms intel is so sad mechanic. Why should in game chat affect gameplay and why should chat work as intel. Intel should work completly diffrent way. Thanks for WH space.

-Eve is complex game consisting of many parts and is better than sum of its parts.
Unfortenetly individual game parts or mechanics are very boring. Exeption is ship to ship combat witch is not perfect either but at least can be fun.
For example if you can make mining so fun that players want to mine even for 0 ISK profit … than you have good and fun mechanics and potentialy great game. But its not EVE case.
PVP is probably only activity I would be willing to do for pure fun not for ISK grind sake.
There are people witch you ask to cary buckets of womits and pay them ISK they will condiser it fun activity.

-EVE feels like RNG is kicking yours balls more than any hardcore rogue like. And I say this as person who thinks that darkest dungeon game RNG is fair fun and well balanced.
I understand risk vs rewards system and I find it fun in most games but EVE just feels random is randomly unfair.
I would not mind losing and repeating 100h of fun gameplay, but we are talking about losing and repeating 100h of mostly boring grind. And you could only prevent this by sitting at station 24/7 and not doing any ship activity at all.

Again this brings us to pay to win as you can always pay with to sell plex and get stuff back. Poor kid that can invest only 10 a month will not be able to recover from as many blows as someone who can pay 100$
I think EVE would be much better game with normal monthly subs and no plex trade.

And finaly if I would play this even after reading trough this list than I should probably do it.


you wrote wall of text, many people will comment i think, but i want add 5 cents to this.
it is literaly not true. Lets say you wanna be perfect trader like 10 year old character… it very easy because there is only 5 levels of skills and this is max. You cant be good in every aspect of eve as old character are, but you can choose what you are interested in and “catch up” quick. It is sad how easy new players can catch up old tbh specialy in combat ships. Some ships sure are more advanced, you cant be perfect supercapital pilot in month or two untill you use some $$, but lets say you start eve today, so you are probably younder then old farts like many of us, so you will live longer probably - you will earn this skills :grinning: . Eve is just long game.


I trade real stock if I want to have this type of fun. I did some trading in eve I made profit but I find it more grinding than fun. But its not much point finding true or false points. All is matter of taste and to play eve one have to have very special taste. As I said if people find caring buckets of pee for isk fun who am I to juge. I will very likely play for few hours even today after writing all this stuff.

A lot of good points. Unfortunately most of those points have been made in these forums literally dozens of times.

The fanbois will say “yes those problems are all the things that make EVE great and only for tough guys like me!”.

The detractors will say “Yes and that’s exactly why we dropped from 60k active (mostly paying) players max to 20k (many free and bots) players”.

It’s easy to point out what EVE is doing wrong. But CCP won’t pay attention to that until they’ve lost so much income that they are in the final death spiral.

Try to find an idea that you think will make the game noticeably better and hopefully more profitable as well. Push that idea. Find other people who’s ideas are good/gaining traction and push their ideas.

CCP doesn’t react unless you pretty much club them in the face with things.


you have some point - fun level is too low - join goons then - they are fun, they sing on fleets and they are trying to find fun hard - sometimes it even works - and sometimes not.


If you join Goons, you are contributing to the issue that EVE is not fun anymore.


Considering all the trash you posted this takes the cake… good troll thread.

Because 5 minutes really impacts your gameplay…


you will see what am I talking about when you start growing some facial hair or once you check youtube turorials made by vets giving you tips about server up

Been playing eve for 13 years. I am ok with 5 minutes downtime for a server reboot compared to what it was.


I dont care if its 5 minutes or 5 seconds that was not point. :).

Which is why this is a troll thread.

Your just looking for people to say something. Hiding behind a posting alt. :slight_smile:

Classic EVE forum troll.

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It was 30 minutes yesterday and the shutdown was performed 5 min earlier than normally while the countdown was still in effect.

Not to mention that there is more in this. Lot of activities takes a lot of time. When you play around DT and want to start such activity you need to take the remaining time to DT into calculation. Fortunately most of the things persists across DT now but there are still some that doesn’t.

tl’dr Just because it is not affecting you it doesn’t mean it cannot negatively affect anyone else.

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I think some things are fixable without too much work it just takes to have some brain. Lots of them are not possible to be fixed without EVE 2 and some of my points where not fixed in any MMO game in existence and if someone finds way how to solve them than It would be probably idea worth million dollars. For example I would rather have 1h once a week down time than 1 5m restart every day. I would force people to prove real identity before they can register game. (knowing this sound bit far fetched and unreal today but I believe it will be quite common in 10 years and games will be lot better thanks to that )

Thats the choice in the world, you are either a filthy casual or a complete loser.

I mean to spend most of you life on a video game, that is some living with mum, neckbeard stuff there.

Null is to blame…probably the goons in particular…it usually is the goons…and the csm…grr grr grr

No being some addicted game loser is a personal choice.

Swap every EvE in the OP with any other MMO sandbox game’s name and you would be surprised how it will still make sense. Maybe sandboxes are just not OP’s cup of tea?

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Please contract your stuff to me before you go.

Mark, lighten up a bit, friend.

Your statements do bring to mind the question; Is it more pathetic for someone to spend a lot of time on a video game they play, or is it more pathetic for a person who proudly declares how they don’t play that same video game to spend a lot of time on the forums for that game badmouthing it, it’s players, and it’s player groups?

I await your opinion on the matter with trembling anticipation.

brb, mum is bringing my hot pockets down