Love - Hate

Eve is a very good game for a game, many live and breath eve that’s worrying but each to there own, I’ve played eve for 16yrs and mostly enjoyed every yr I’ve played BUT yeah here comes the BUT

The new owners seem hell bent on money over content, ok this is all our fault because we too want money, you buy a T-Shirt for $2 knowing all well the person who made the T-Shirt get 20c but hey our morals only go as far as that next cheap item. Ok lets get back on track

For years CCP “The Owners” lets NOT blame the Devs cause after all they want the money too so why rock the boat. The Owners know there are many many many bugs in eve but fail to even look at them, ok there was 1 ONE year Hilmar “grand stand” made a speech saying “hey lets focus on bugs this patch” but still failed to focus on so so so many.

Now to the point - Bugs that really piss me off - yup fuk the mass these bug really bug me, pun intended.

When you enter “take Control” of a citadel and lets say you want to unload items/Mods to a hauler you have to drop them into hanger first instead of directly into hauler why cause the program can’t see the hauler has cargo mods/rigs and you can only drop amount equaling to haulers STANDARD amount not including mods/rigs, which brings me to BUG 2 -

Doing Distribution Missions - kinda same thing mission wont see fleet hanger when accepting missions even asking many times hey guys can Distribution missions see the fleet hanger? but noooo this is too meaningless to look at. but hey we did just win a graphics award again again did I mention the graphics award ?

But hey Devs its cool spend more time on Skins cause yeah they make the game run real well, oh wait skins look crap in station lol oh undock then.

my love to the Owners, Money rocks hey may your kids never go to public school xoxoxox

Rainbows & Unicorns


I’m glad we’re looking at the critical “bugs” that are actively causing EVE Online to suffer overall.




Your OP and your reply are so full of vitriol it’s hilarious, then calling out someone who (for good reasons) states that there are far more important things to work on makes it twice as hilarious.


I know right a post that wasn’t about @Scoots_Choco go figure :grin:

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All right. Let’s do this. OP, can we we please re-badge this as “bugs we all love to hate”?

Then, let’s all list our favorite bugs. Maybe just one bug per post but as many posts as you like? That way you can vote for each bug by simply hitting the like button.

At the end of this exercise, we will have a collected list of bugs, loosely ranked in priority by the number of “likes” that each one gets. And then we can ask a nice ISD person to advise CCP. How hard is that?

OMG there is no way you play eve you know logic again OMG I post memes because most posts here aren’t worthy of a response other then a childish picture I for the first time bow to someone with sense, direction, logic and worst still common sense.

you must be a robot “meme pending” or someone just ■■■■■■■ with the world lol JK 5 stars man 5 ■■■■■■■ stars

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But hey Devs its cool spend more time on Skins cause yeah they make the game run real well

Of course, graphics designers always fix lag in spare time. :joy:


It’s not a bug.


But as a refrigerator it’s useless.


Is this a copypasta?
It reads like a copypasta.

I want to believe that this is a copypasta, with the original intentionally being written as if the autor was some undereducated, working class wage slave who skipped school after the 4th class and never read a single book in his life.


You do realize there is more than one team at CCP? Just because the art team is cranking out skins doesn’t mean there aren’t also devs working on bugs and features.

I mean let’s face it, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want the art department working on the code anyhow :no_mouth:

Additionally …
… he signed his post and has a number in his name.

This gotta be fake.

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To be fair, CCP isn’t really pumping out skins. There’s a rumor that CCP has been co-developing Dokev, which is a new Pearl Abyss MMO. I say rumor because I couldn’t find another source of this info besides the one Youtube video I saw.

The point is that CCP isn’t spending all their time on Eve. They have a mobile game to worry about as well as other projects. We may know more after the Korean convention on the 14th that PA is attending.

As for OP, bleh.

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This is the worst, and most believable rumor, I have heard in a while. If CCP had to spend all their time working on Eve, they wouldn’t even know how to do it.

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