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Hi. I play to eve sınce 2005. I love thıs game but your new thıng and happens ıs very bad. ıs thıs painting game ?? thıs game ıs not work ??? this game is unbalance ? u release only skin skin skin balance and skin skin skin …u thief or we stupid?? not any new good thıng and only skin and ''free to play ‘’ eve ıs very very bad.


  1. we are(players) not stupid… ok ??
  2. skın skın skın…enough…use braın other thıng
  3. 5 years ago u say walk ın statıon. where ??? where ıs jove ?? u stop making skin and use your brain for it.
  4. balance and balance… this game not working ?? we not want to balanced we want to new shıps moduls systems regıons …
  5. u sad player base economi. where ?? every 3 mount ‘‘balanced’’ economi and economic argumant . no comment…

u read or not…not ımportant for me. but must wrıte this. have a nice day

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2
  1. Nobody is calling anyone stupid.
  2. They are nice and are not forcing them down your throat
  3. Nobody used that and they did admit it uses a lot of resources to even maintain it, so they stopped it to focus on other areas
  4. They are balancing the game, the patch that happened before yesterday tweaked frigates, destroyers and cruisers, next will be the bigger ones. It is pointless to release new modules, which i honestly have no idea what they would make with so many out there, when the ships are not being effective themselves
  5. It is a player economy, if it’s about things being expensive you only have your fellow players to blame since WE are the ones that change prices, not CCP, WE do, and just like real life if something is changed, players will change prices.

(evelynt) #3

u lawyer ıs ccp ?? thıs ıs me and my frıends ideas… good or not and not forcing them down your throat

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Patience. There is a huge update this winter that will change a core resource gathering method. Making sure that works and doesn’t mess up the entire T2 market is a big focus of CCP’s so relax.

As for new regions? Why? There is enough unused space. Let’s usebthst first.

New ships and modules… This is not a typical fantasy MMO where every few years we need new gear as we all have max stuff. If you want new ships, figure out a new ship role and suggest it.

(yellow parasol) #6

eeerrrr… what they do is like expressing it loudly, often enough. just check their marketing. hell, anyone reading the forums and denying the intellectual poverty is a part of the problem.

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Careful, any time now someone will step in and call you stupid because you don’t understand marketing. At least this is what I’m being told when I complain about stupidly addressing stupid people with stupid “more firepower” ads or the like.

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We really need to form a group to start adressing this issue, otherwise the last smart ones will leave. there is no way we can deal with this onslaught of stupidity without having the same standards and one voice. i know, i’m the only kne left to care… everyone else just runs away, as if it wasn’t a problem affecting everyone, everywhere…


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I don’t think these are problems. Walking in stations was nice but hardly an essential gameplay feature. The Joves are still around. SKINs aren’t an obligated purchase and you can find most of them for ISK and I don’t think the EVE economy is something CCP needs to control.

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looks like you. :smiley:

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"The fundamental cause of the trouble in the modern world today is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” — Bertrand Russell

I myself have given up trying to educate the ignorant illiterate. It’s like trying to slow down a tornado by shouting at it.

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I believe the decline in average I.Q. is indirectly proportional to the number of twerking videos on YouTube.

(Mayhaw Morgan) #17

You do not speak for everyone. Some of us are quite stupid. So stupid. So incredibly, exceptionally stupid. This game is not only for smart people. Idiots like to be in space, too, ya know. You’re being prejudicial.

Super Kerr Induced Nano-etchings design probably does not detract from from development of the game in other areas. The dudes (<-I’m not assuming anyone’s gender, here.) working on how the ships look are probably not the same dudes as the dudes who were working on the gameplay and balance, were probably not the same dudes writing/debugging/coding the algorithms to make the game work, were probably not the same dudes mopping the floors and changing the lightbulbs . . .

“We” is a hulking chimera of interests, biases, expectations, misconceptions, etc. They can’t just do what “we” want them to do because some of “us” want them to do it and some of “us” don’t.

It’s like if some of “us” wanted Starbuck’s to start selling Buicks and some of “us” threatened to burn down their stores if they did and some of “us” just looked at the others of “us” like, “WTF would Starbuck’s sell Buicks? Are you on drugs? Can I have some?” and some of “us” just wanted the people threatening to burn stores down arrested and some of “us” think the people who want other people arrested and put in a cage for exercising their economic autonomy are fascist scum . . . it’s complicated.

Do you know of any game that has a player based economy that is anything even close to what EVE Online has?

(yellow parasol) #18

of course you have! you miss the point! you can not rationalize with them!

everyone’s just wasting time, and no one understands the “enemy”.

it’s a completely different world of thinking.
you actually know what i’m talking about!

they filt the description perfectly.

every time you find someone, who sees himself as the victim by default, claiming that the world has to change for him, then that’s one.

every time someone demands that the evil afk cloaker has to go, because “he prevents me from undocking” (actual quote), then that’s one.

every time you see someone endlessly arguing about the evil gankers, bumpers, how they kill the children, who need to be protected (spreading the cancer), how the game dies, because of a minority of people, who trigger their feelings. **

that’s one too.

can we group up now, i’m getting tired of having to educate people about this. i actually want things to change, but everyone else seems to be caught in this time-loop, where everything happens again and again, every single day.

stop talking. it’s useless. educate the educateable, and gank the rest.

** all antagonists in highsec combined, are now in 2017, a tiny minority with only limited impact on the world. and the totalitarians still want them gone, and will always blow them out of proportions. for the totalitarian mind it’s not about the game, but the people doing it.

The like and get likes thread
Any theories on why so many people have quit over the last 2 years?
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So, so, so true…

BTW… is the original post even written in English? Cause, WTF…

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Ranting. Closed.