Ccp price and player policy

I am rebelling now. Game package prices are very expensive in our country, the economy is not the same in every country, steamde Turkey prices were ideal before I started the game, but CCP prevented this. I am asking you that you have ruined the game economy by making enough enemy player changes in the game, You made the game p2w. We were already expecting this from you, it was obvious from the other games you have, and that’s why we weren’t playing them. But you ruined this game by taking the game we love eve online. Come on, why did you do p2w? The prices in every country are the same in Turkey, 1 dollar, 8.5 tl, 1 euro 10 tl, other countries can shop with gum money, unfortunately we have to pay 10 times of them. You will say that we have to earn money and we pay salaries with dollars, I am sure you already earn a lot of money, but you will not earn any money from 3rd World countries like us, because nobody can buy it, but if you adjust the prices according to the steam countries as before, there will be no players and countries who cannot shop and there will be no You earn income from the countries you do not earn, the players are happy and they can easily play and have fun. We love this game please don’t ruin any more, be player-friendly like the old company and get back the ridiculous updates urgently.

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  1. Eve is not p2w.
  2. Ccp sets their prices on conversion rates as well as steam pricing

Where do u live?


A lot of players are NOT “rich” at all! Perhaps by Eastern European standards we are.

But we have high expenses too, high taxes, etc.

All is comparable.

Not to sound cold, but if living expenses are sooooo high where you are and it takes sooooo much effort to earn a living then perhaps paying for access isn’t something you should be spending on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean ccp

Where I live doesn’t matter. I don’t buy all these bundles and such that CCP offers. I pay $15 a month and I’m happy with that.

No argument you make can show that eve is pay to win, because there is nothing special in the bundles that cannot be received in game (except skins)

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Can’t I explain? The dollar is 8.5 times our money, the prices in steam used to be adjusted according to our money, but CCP prevented this and increased the prices.

Still doesn’t make Eve p2w

If you were in my place I’m sure you would rebel too.

Still doesn’t make it pay to win

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