Nice joke, CCP

Have not played Eve for about a year. I decided to go back and buy an omega. BUT! 999 rubles a month! Are you seriously?! The employee who suggested doing this should be fired! See how much a “premium” subscription costs in other games. World of warcraft 549 rubles. World of tanks 549 rubles. War thunder 499 rubles. Lineage 2 - 459 rubles. And so on for the rest of the games from steam - around 500 rubles. The average salary for my region is about 47,000 rubles, which is about 590 euro. What is the reason for the price of a monthly subscription of 1000 rubles? All desire to pay you is gone. Please explore the local games market. Your offer is not acceptable.

Thanks. From Russia with love.


This has already been discussed extensively:

I am glad that this has already been discussed. But this is really a problem. If CCP does not want my money, let it leave such a subscription cost.

Doesn’t look like CCP has missed your money at all really.


@Mattrim_Kouton don’t forget if you multi-month sub you get a discounted rate, and you can always get PLEX with ISK so you can PLEX to Omega instead of paying for it. PLEX prices have plummeted big time (I think by 40% from a year ago)

My claim is primarily for a 2-fold increase in the price of a subscription! Almost racism! “You are from Russia - get the price x2.” Regarding your comment, I know that I can buy PLEX for isk. I know that I can play without paying anything CCP. But what I saw in the store is outrageous.

i told that a lot of times
eve costs 2 to 3 times the price of other games / month
they don’t like we say that here
they say maybe poor countries shouldn’t play

North Americans and europeans that don’t have idea of money in most of other countries …
Russia , brasil , BIG fking markets , not poor countries , rich countries , but captain consumer society can only see belly button
dont waste your time
plex with isk like i do and say EVE is cheap here

Learn payments in other games. Very few people pay constantly for a long time. Most pay for short periods.

In any case, CCP should want to get any money, even if I have not played for about a year.

17 years and clowning on, Eve, the joke that keeps on giving

Russians were paying SIGNIFICANTLY less than other countries after currency conversion, that’s why. This makes sure all countries pay approximately the same amount after currency conversion.


Russia has gold so… ummmm… their currency has to be worth something

in brasil we pay the same

aprox 15 dolars

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Why do Blizzard, Activision, EA, Riot and other developers take into account the incomes of the population of specific countries, and CCP do not care?

By the way, what is the average salary in Florida?

500 PLEX - 1399 rubles. With average salary 47000.


lies , the wow price is in dolar :stuck_out_tongue:


449 Rub for a month in wow and 999 Rub in Eve

But are those with multi-month discounts factored in? EVE does have multi-month discounts.

Maybe those gaming companies do not see their sales being exploited via VPN or other means the same way that CCP seem to see.


but it cost 2 times anyway …

yeah here 500 plex cost 74 reais minimum wage is 1000 reais , close to 10%

CCP doesn’t have a quarter as many players subbing the game, though. If they had more players they could be more generous with the pricing. Clearly having a lower price didn’t draw more players even though Russians were paying half as much as everyone else :sweat_smile: