Thank you CCP for raising prices!

Hello, guys!
As I said before I like what you do and I love your game. But I cannot say the same about what you do today. I don’t know why right now at such a difficult time for us all you make such a sudden and amazing decision to raise prices for Russia (perhaps our dear Ukrainian friends whispered something in your ear?).

I realize that you need to pay employees salaries in USD and Euros, not in Rubles. However, I have something to say about this. And I just can’t be silent, although by nature I don’t like to make such statements.

You can not worry about me. I have enough money to pay my account for years to come even at a new price. But, I must say that your action is very vile, disgusting and deceitful. Just think. Now is the time of the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection. This is a disaster not only for my country, but for the whole world. However, today Russia is in third place in the world in the number of infected persons. The US, Brazil and then Russia. Just think about it. This is a really difficult time for all of us. But especially economically affected countries are the first in this list. Many people were left temporarily without work and without wages. Many have lost a substantial portion of their income.

But such difficult times, many companies such as Valve and Sony in their stores Steam and PS Store carry out promotions and offer discounts for many games and even give out games for free. These companies really want to help ordinary people who are in stress and difficult situations. But what is CCP doing at the same time? Announces price increases! Almost 2 times! Are you guys crazy there on your an icy island? Could you raise prices a year ago? or wait a bit and raise prices at the end of this year or in a year? Is this the present we deserve right now?

I am not opposed to unreasonable price increases in a normal environment. But do it in a pandemic? It’s a betrayal of you and a knife in our backs.

Are you aware of the price level that you set? Not a single AAA+++ game today in Russia costs as much as your subscription for a year. And it needs to be done right now, right?

Thank you for your concern. Thank you very much. For me you crossed out your longstanding reputation with one stroke of the pen.


Oh please, Russian players already pay ten times less for a sub than U.S. players do…


Do you want equality? Okay, don’t do it in a pandemic

You realize that you already paid 50% less right?

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Sure. But it’s not problem for Sony, Steam, Microsoft and other companies. If it’s problem for CCP then raise the price. But why in pandemic times when many people are in stress and lost their works?

The judgment that the US and EU citizens will use Russian VPN for making their prices lower is false. If desired CCP can easily stop them because CCP could watch how people teleport from the United States to Russia and vice versa. This is not a problem for Steam and other companies.

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But this is not a problem for other countries that already pay a fair amount.

It’s not a lot of money and if it is then you shouldn’t be playing video games in the first place. As for the timing; if you can’t afford it, don’t play…it’s not complicated and it’s not your right to play a video game.


re-read what I wrote. Why didn’t make it a year ago? why CCP will not make it in the end of 2020? Why they do it right now just in pandemic times? They didn’t change your prices. They changed ours. Do you want equality? Okay, don’t do it in a pandemic.

Why do other companies give discounts? But CCP is the opposite?


at least he won this fight :smile:
PLEX GER vs RU 43% more expensive. why?

These were the prices before the change all converted to USD

USA: 14.95
EU: 10.93
UK: 12.26
Russia: 7.83

Do you want equality? LOL…please…

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Re-read what I wrote. Or you don’t want just to understand what I wrote? Your trolling is meaningless and stupid.

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Sorry, but you’ll have to pay a little more now to run your 37 Skiff ice mining fleet…


Pay up like the rest of us, or move on…


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Yes yes, now you call me names because your argument is weak. Very brave of you. What next: anexing my PC chair?

The fact is that CCP/PA is not Sony or Steam or any other company and they will FIX their pricing structure when they feel it needs to be fix for THEIR benefit, not yours. Russians have had it good for years(!) and now that you have to pay a bit more you are outraged at the timing?!!?

Please…crocodile tears…


I’m not against to pay as all. But why does CCP change the price right now? In difficult times? Why not a year ago? or not in a year?
What is your judgment based on? Are you from CIS country?

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You do know this is CCP? … would you really expect anything different?

They don’t exactly have a track record for being ‘nice’ or ‘aware’ (unless for publicity of course…) or pretty much anything other than $£ driven… now more so than at any time in the past.


Utter irrelevance - if you can’t afford something, bad luck - that’s life - get over it



CCP may set any prices they want. It is the market. They just want to maximize profit and it’s ok. Player pay more - more profit from one, less players will pay. Player pay less - more players agree to pay. Anyone who don’t want to pay may leave or find other ways to subscribe. Alpha accounts still existing. Russain community understands decision.

In times of the pandemic, will we crush regional prices? yea? Do you consider it ethical? These regional prices did not arise yesterday, but many years ago. This has become a business custom.

Imagine for a moment that my country is Croatia. For example, in Croatia prices were lower. And now, during a pandemic, the price increase 2 times. Your opinion will change? But honestly?