You are all looking at price rises wrong!

EVEry thing in life is a matter of perspective. And I truly beliEVE we have all been done a favor. Science is pretty clear that gaming is bad for our health. Encourages bad habits and poor physical traits. So the price rise is actually a good thing. It will mean I save a full subscription cost 1/3 of my current and down from 5 to 2 over the years and spend less time playing.

With this, I aim to pay for a Cinema subscription for unlimited movies a month costing £12 so I can go out and spend more time with friends. The rest of the time I will actually maybe do some exercise or read.

Everything has a bright side.


CCP Paragon literally said tonight that they don’t think players will leave in mass–if they did “they would not have made this change.” Literally, that’s what was said.

im alpha atm
and itts free
yayyyyy :smiley:


Definitely not what I’m seeing in that glorious threadnaught and… yes, I opened reddit again to look at the Eve subreddit. That’s a lot of cancellations.

Good luck, CCP! Just another Dev to take your player base for granted.


For the sake of fairness, he did say that whatever they will reveal at Fanfest should justify the price increase. He said they think the playerbase will think “it’s worth it.” I’m trying hard not to misrepresent him, but you can listen to the exchange if you like. It’s on YouTube.

It’ll be another online store where you can buy fitted ships that do 300% damage and have a tank fed entirely by microtransactions. If you spend 10k you get a free “EVE isn’t pay to win” shirt.

The crybabies have already cancelled “all” their accounts ten times in the past two years, so I think we can just ignore them.


It doesn’t matter how many players unsub over this change, the nullseccers will replace their subs by additional alts. And the lower the number of players is, the lower the amount of attention that is needed to keep the capsuleers from getting ganked, as ganks are performed by people that are controling their capsuleers rather then the capsuleers that have been alt+tabbed out…

… a selling argument for additional alts to the target group that is most willing to buy them anyways.

Yes it does, it just comes down to a number that sets off alarms, the problem with multi accounters is you have less churn absorbance as one leaving means a large chunk of accounts goes with them.

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you just made me cancel 125 accounts, by hurting my feelings.

That’s not the flex you think it is.

I flex in the mirror, not on the internet.

Large enough of a mirror to fit in your handbag.

I too paint my eyebrows on but I don’t go around flexing it.

full body mirror. I have a really nice purse.

We’re far from the point where this would be troubling.

Most players have only less then 10 alts, and good null miners have 40+.

Just give the miners their battleship mining ship they’ve always been wishing for, with battleship grade “attention requirement”, i.e. double or tripple the miner cycle times, and each of the null miners will create another 40 additional toons now that the mining cycles allow them to pay less attention to their capsuleers. Accordingly it’ll need Temperature Cores to be constructed, and as thousands will be built on the day they’re introduced the Temperature Core market will be wiped, which results in exploding prices and therefore more PLEX trade.

battleship mining is an old thing, not something people have always been wishing for.

Nah, it’s about a dedicated mining battleship. The recent mining ship buff thread has been all over with crying that there’s mining frigates and mining “barges” which are basically mining cruisers, but there’s no mining battleship. A Combat Battleship with Miner / Miner II Modules on it lacks the dedicated ore hold, and isn’t bonused for mining module yield, either. It should also have a larger-then-drill-miners mining module that can’t be fit on barges because it needs a BS hull by it’s fitting requirement.

The player base has also dropped everytime they complained and said they were doing so, talk logic but don’t follow the numbers, you’d a good lap dog

LOL have you missed all the content CCP promised and never delivered? I would rather trust a crook at least you know they are a crook.

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But for the exact reason you mentioned we all know CCP are crooks though. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smirk: