Fair Well you wack-a-moles

I can no longer stand by and watch this game grind its self into oblivion. In a World wide Recession and major wars breaking out or threatening to break out, with food, fuel and bills almost tripling. The red headed commissar wants to raise subscriptions to near $20.00 per month. I hope your having a lot of money coming in Sir, but I doubt it. During these trying times with people desperately trying to hang on and not be homeless you Sir raise prices. Have never heard of the phase, Go Woke, Go Broke. Well the dream is gone now. you have priced you way out of the market and as the following videos state, it is just a matter of time until you will need a new job. Eve Online, [PODCAST] Can This Game Be Saved, Yes, But NOT By Using P2W - YouTube , Eve Online - The Death of New Eden - YouTube. When it is more dangerous to fly in high sec then low or null sec the game is broken. I also feel the Mitani was targeted, set up and removed. I did not fly with him but respected what he had done, how much woke do you intend to let take root in the game, god knows. In the past I dreamed of having ten toons, building titans and making friends (which I have made). EVE online is the player base. Reduce the price back down to ten dollars a month, and you CCP will see a flood of people looking for some where to hide if just for a while from the real world. But I doubt it will happen, narcissists never admit they were wrong. Fair well you crazy bunch of wack- a- moles, love and respect. CCP when you are humbled, make the changes and get back to making real money.

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Did you bother to read that convoluted unbroken chain of wall of text or just laugh at it without reading the whole thing? :thinking:


Could you give a TL;DR or you say it has such comedic value everyone should read it instead? :thinking:

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Ive been saying the same to my local grocery stores too. And the Gas Station. And my Landlord. And my bank. And my local restaurants. And my Electricity Company.

Huh. Its almost as if everything, everywhere, is getting more expensive. Its almost like a global inflation is happening or something.

What does that have to do with anything? I dont think the price hikes have anything to do with going woke.

Lol Wut.

It was never 10 dollars, it was 15. If youre going to call 15 as 10 dollars, then you might as well call 19.99 as 10 dollars too, and lo and behold, eve hasnt changed prices at all!

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Elite Dangerous is that way, Dota 2 is that way, Mabye LoL? Heros of the Storm? STO, Planetside 2.

There are a lot of really fun games out there.

I guarantee you will be following EVE via forums and external media. If your quitting, show us your biomass screenshot. Otherwise, you’re going on an EVE break.

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Can I have all your stuff ? I need some good ships for when me and Akio are the only two left in Eve and the final showdown occurs.

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bro i still play eve

Good! That’s good news! I’m so glad those clowns got dissed for sexual harassment. They were recruiting noobs to pad their numbers and not even taking them under their wings and teach them anything.
My son got into their corporation and one of their systems got invaded. He wanted to go to the battlefield and help and got completely ignored on coms, they wouldn’t even tell him where the battle was taking place. He did find out where somehow and helped out until his ship got blown up and, rich as they were, wouldn’t even give him another ship to get back into the battle.
I told him “Look, leave these bums and find yourself a real corporation.” Which he eventually did.

Any noob thinking about joining Goonswarm and their alt corporations: don’t. You would only be a number and you will learn nothing.

Low quality bait.

I think you need to calm down oO

You what ? You’re having a laugh. Even a cursory look at killboard shows that the vast majority of destruction in Eve goes on in lowsec and null. Highsec is about as safe as it gets. I’ve mined, hauled, ratted, etc in highsec with zero issues. I’ve flown gankable ships 50 - 60 jumps without so much as even a target lock on me. Sure there is some small element of danger and risk…but you are ridiculously over-inflating it.

CCP Thinks otherwise and the new rule changes show it. The time of greifing is over

I think you are making a dangerous assumption in assigning motives to CCP. The fact that CCP is nerfing high sec ganking does not mean that it happened more frequently that killing in low sec or null sec. I suspect that they fear that high sec ganking is disrupting their incoming new player base. It is not the same thing.

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