Pricing Updates

On the launcher there is a link to show that CCP are increasing the price of the game in GDP £

My interest in eve has been waning for some time, although I am sufficiently addicted to still log on most days and have 2 accounts with 6 characters over those 2 accounts.

I am torn on this change: On one hand having 2 clients to log into is handy for scouting and whatnot, but on the 2nd hand I really, i dont think that your game is good enough to be spending £22 a month, £60 every 3 months, £112 every 6 months or £200 annually to cover 2 accounts especially with all the changes/choices/gameplay options that you are bringing in I am not really enjoying.

I will probably stick with one account and sell off the characters on the 2nd.

Thanks for all the fish.

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TBF to CCP we’ve had it good over the years, at today’s exchange rates the increase drops the UK prices right in the middle between the US$ and the Euro.

It’s one less medium latte from Costa per account over a month.

It’s better than a world where companies simply swap the $ for a £ and rip us off, looks at Amazon…


I haven’t paid real $$ for EVE in like 2 years now. Just get self-sufficient and these price changes won’t matter.

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Someone’s still gotta buy that PLEX somewhere :laughing:

Plus not everyone has enough time IRL to dedicate to one game and earn all that ISK every month, or just wants to be able to play without worrying about the PLEX bill coming due.




Well, that Dev Blog states:

This is being done in order to bring GBP prices in line with other main currencies (USD/EUR).

I don’t see a problem in making the prices equal no matter which currency is used.


well CCP is a company … they have to pay bills and there employees
yea it sucks if something gets more expensive but it is what it is
you maybe have a favorit icecream or beer you really like and keep buying and it got more expensive in the last years

you pay per year? i do so …

well thats 100 per account … thats £8.35 per month per account … thats like 3 beer per month … thats basically nothing
if you have 2 accounts to pay per year you pay one in january and one in july … so you spend £100 every 6 months … should be possible to do IF you want it … you can grind for plex and add them from time to time to extend the time until you need to buy … so a mix of real money and plex is maybe the best for you but i dont know … i dont do that but i have a friend he pays 1 year and plex for 6 month more …

everything will become more expensive all the time … EVE is not different to anything else …

its 89£ now and will be 99£ in future … thats under 1£ per month more …


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5 years ago 1 euro was 0.7 pounds, now it’s around 0.9… that’s 22% increase, updated price is 16.7% bigger and still cheaper then in euro…

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yep, that is what they say, they can do what they like, it is their game. We all make our decisions to play as we do based on our own specific circumstance.

Out of interest, what the breakdown of US $ costs for the game atm?

Then the game is a grind, doing things like incursions that I dont particularly enjoy just to get the ISK to PLEX so you can grind another month

@ JuuR Zibaoo

Indeed it is, but there has to be a line somewhere that needs to be drawn. When a change is made in game, be it actual gameplay or costs as in this case you have to review your choices, just like I look every yeah to save money on mobile phone bills, house insurance etc.

I will be keeping the one account with the inconvenience that that brings, but the increase with my overall feelings about the game these days makes me think that that extra money isnt worth it, our choices are all based on our individual circumstance.

Plus where do you get good beer for £2.78?

well sucks to be paying in Euros then.

Yeah THAT is annoying. I am sure CCP are doing what they need to do, all the people that have said they are leaving the game for one reason or another, CCP need to claw back some of that shortfall

I see the prices in USD and july 3 months Omega cost me 58.99 but the next will be cheaper (56.43) as the AUD is gaining on the greenback.

Pound fell hard. So this was coming.

Luckily average wages are up.

Can i be bothered to go for yearly sub?

When value of money acccelerates in falling, its a sign that inflation rises. The wages have to adjust for inflation at least. Eventually if inflation isnt held in check, minimal, everything could be hilariously priced, like in 1 0000 00000 000000’s and wages will be in such numbers also.

Then expect eve sub you will have to pay in $ or some other more stable money, and the native currency option removed.

You would be better off paying for 10 years in advance.

I usually pay for a year which gives the lowest price on subscription per month. A year sub saves $48.00 compared to paying monthly.

The breakdown for subscriptions:













Everything gets more expensive every year, it’s called inflation, but CCP hasn’t indexed for inflation since forever which is unhealthy so this seems reasonable to me. I pay for my sub so it will affect me as well but I’m fine with it.

On further inspection it only affects payment in pounds, which I don’t do. Turns out I’m already paying top amount then. Still, wouldn’t find it weird to see CCP increase overall pricing.

20% Price increase is a no bueno for me. Yes I can easily afford it but other (frankly better quality) MMOs still maintain a £9.99/month or less subscription fee.

I find myself rarely logging in as it is other than to check skills / rewards etc.

Serious question - Why do you bother checking them if you never actually log-in to play the game ?

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