Ridiculous subscription prices

Your subscription pricing is ridiculous. I’ve not played for a while now and I thought I’d take another look today. £15.99 a month for each account Is absolutely crazy. I mean how do you justify that cost? My wife would divorce me if I resubbed my 3 accounts for £48 a month. how you retain a player base I’ll never know.

You need to get a better job and or wife.


bellends need not reply

If you can’t afford three accts, then pay for one and make some friends in game to cover what the other two were being used for. It’s kind of the accepted thing to do in multiplayer games.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Hey, every piece of pipe has a spigot, and a bell, good one though.

Seriously, it’s 15 bucks, you even lift brah?

I read that as “apply” at first…which I found a bit amusing, sorry.

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your one of the guys why CCP raised their prices :stuck_out_tongue: all others take the cheaper versions

Well, the game is free to play, so even though you are whining and throwing a public temper tantrum, I doubt you will find any sympathy anywhere.


Ooof , I forgot how toxic the eve community was. I’m not really having a ‘public temper tantrum’ as you call it. I just can’t really see how the devs justify the huge jump in sub costs. I mean what’s actually changed in the game as in improvements over the last year or so. Can’t really do much as an alpha pilot either so the free to play spin they put on it is BS really.


Calm down, throwing a tantrum isn’t going to change things.

The game is free to pay, so stop whining.

The Devs correctly predicted there would be whiners who will whine about the price increase so they very astutely created a Whine thread especially for whiners who want to whine about the price increase.
Aren’t the Devs just fantastic?:smiley:

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